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Build Yourself A Home for $3,500

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I adore the gumption of this girl. When Jenine Alexander couldn’t find land in Healdsburg, California, she built herself a home on the frame of a trailer. She had never built anything before and she ended up building herself a wonderful home.

Here are a couple of great quotes from the video:

“For me, living in a small space, is simplifying, for sure, ’cause otherwise… I mean, I have to give myself a small space, otherwise, it’s so easy to compile stuff. So, if I know I’m going to be living with it, there’s no gettin’ around what I bring in.”

“It’s so lovely to wake up in some place that you’ve built yourself.”

If you like what Jenine did with her house, you’ll love the ingenuity of Devon and Melissa’s Alaskan cabin. With no running water, they have set up ingenious ways to shower and cook. They DO have electricity, so they can run their appliances. I love their clever staircase that doubles as storage space.


Update 02-24-13

There is now a Utah-based company that is making tiny houses, called Open Trail Homes. You can see my review here:


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