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Winter Does Strange Things To Me

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I came across some photos that I took last winter in the middle of my “I Want To Go Camping So BAD” phase. It was dark and cold last winter, so I pulled out my Barbies and took them camping on the kitchen table.

THAT’S how desperate I was for some sunshine and outdoors time.

Here is the storyline I composed in my head:

Stacie had her camp all set up at the Kitchen Table Campground when she heard the sound of a motorhome approaching.

Barbie Camping

It was a family driving up in a Country Camper.

Barbie Camping

Barbie and Ken undid the slide out and set up the tent.

Barbie Camping

Then, they set up the outdoor camp kitchen.

Barbie Camping

Stacie was happy to see that they had a girl her same age.

Barbie Camping

Stacie introduced herself to Skipper and they immediately became friends.

Barbie Camping

They shared Skipper’s inflatable boat. No room for little sisters! Go away!

Barbie Camping

They warmed themselves by Stacie’s campfire and roasted marshmallows.

Barbie Camping

THIS! This is the kind of thing that Utah winters do to me!

As strange as my Barbie camping adventure is, it doesn’t hold a candle to this horrifying video:


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