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Specimen Jars for Halloween Decorations

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One of my favorite parts of decorating is pulling out all my Mad Scientist stuff. I have bubbling beakers and peaked gauges, but what I DON’T have are some good specimen jars. I came across this one and I REALLY want to make something similar.

Specimen Jar 52

I also like these pickled brains from Martha Stewart.

Martha Stewart Pickled Brains

This particular one is creepy because the skeleton’s hand is covering the baby’s mouth.

Doll Parts and Skeleton Specimen Jar

These are candles, which I don’t particularly care for because I don’t want to burn anything and I want the specimen to MOVE when the jar is picked up. THAT’S what makes a specimen jar creepy.


Dave Lowe created these jars for the holiday.

Specimen Jars

As always, click the pictures to see their source.

Update 10-11-12

I actually DID this project this year. One baby doll and two pickle jars. I spray painted the lids with Rust-Oleum Hammered Metal Finish Spray in Silver.

Baby Specimen Jar for Halloween from Pick Me!

I filled the bottles with water colored with one drop of green food coloring and one drop of red food coloring. I also distressed the baby’s face by holding it over a lighter. Looks pretty creepy to me!

Baby Specimen Jar for Halloween from Pick Me!

Happy Haunting!


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