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Costumes from 1887

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Retronaut posted some cards with costumes for Fancy Dress balls from 1887. Some of them were very interesting.

Here is a costume called The Hornet.

The Hornet Costume 1887 from Pick Me

This one is called Magpie. I sure hope they aren’t suggesting wearing actual magpies (stuffed or live) on her head and shoulders.

Magpie Costume 1887 from Pick Me

Here is a good old fashioned Witch costume.

Magpie Costume 1887 from Pick Me

It looks very much like a witch costume you could buy today at Amazon:

FunWorld Magical Lady Adult Costume at Amazon.com

Finally, here are some children’s costumes.

Children's Costumes 1887 from Pick Me

It funny how different costumes can be, but at the same time, they are VERY similar. The only difference now is that the normal clothes of people living in 1887 are now costumes of today. I suspect that will be the case in one hundred years. Our every day clothes of today will be the costumes of tomorrow. In fact, I have seen that within my own lifetime.

Rubie's Costume Co: 80'S Diva at Amazon.com


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