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Happy Veterans Day: Welcome Home

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Thank you to all the military people out there serving our country. I am incredibly grateful to you for your sacrifice.

Here are some touching videos of soldiers being welcomed home. This first one is a beagle welcoming home his owner. I thought, “She must do that to everyone who comes in the house,” until I heard her crying barks. Daisy really did miss her!

In 2005, when he came home from Afghanistan, Gracie could hardly contain herself. If you click on the ads, all proceeds go to Alexandria Animal Shelter.

This is the most touching one of all. The soldier’s son is having his birthday party when Darth Vader shows up. When he defeats him, he pulls off the helmet to find his father. At the 40 second mark, the little boy screams, “Daddy!” and there’s not a dry eye in the house.

If there is a veteran in your life, thank them for their service.


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