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The Shiny Trinket Maneuver

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They just reran The Shiny Trinket Maneuver on The Big Bang Theory last Thanksgiving. It had been sitting on my Tivo for the last month, enticing me to watch it again. It’s one of my absolute FAVORITE Big Bang Theory episodes because of this scene:

When Amy Farrah Fowler sees the present that Sheldon had picked out for her and starts singing, “It’s a tiara! A tiara! I have a tiara! Put it on me! Put it on me! Put it on me! Put it on me! Put it on me!” I feel EXACTLY like her!

I can’t believe Amy came onto Big Bang Theory only three years ago. Geeks girls like Bernadette and Amy were EXACTLY what that show needed. She was wonderful from the very beginning.

Their first date was hilarious.

Amy and Sheldon’s First Date

When Sheldon finally asked Amy to be his girlfriend (spurred by jealousy of Stuart), I just swooned.

It was totally funny when Amy asked him to meet her mother.

I thought we almost lost her when Penny’s ex-boyfriend Zach made her say, “Hu!”

God, how I wish they could find a good girl for poor Raj.


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