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Javablue Snowflakes Manicure

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I absolutely LOVE my latest manicure and couldn’t WAIT to share it with you! I call it Javablue Snowflakes and it’s so Christmasy!

Javablue Snowflakes Manicure

You can see how I did it here after the break…

I used the Bundle Monster Plate BM-323.

Javablue Snowflakes Manicure

For the base coat, I used OPI Ogre The Top Blue.

Javablue Snowflakes Manicure

For stamping the snowflakes, I used Jordana Brown, which has beautifully replaced my favorite that I used to use, Revlon’s Java Bean. Its name is so very boring, so I simply pretend they named it Java Bean as well.

Javablue Snowflakes Manicure

I can’t find Jordana available at Amazon, but you can purchase it on their website here: Jordana Brown NP-127. I bought my polish at a low-rent makeup store in the mall on the wrong side of the tracks, but I have seen it for sale at K-Mart as well.

Javablue Snowflakes Manicure

The Jordana Brown looks really good with the OPI Ogre The Top Blue.

Javablue Snowflakes Manicure

Stamping is VERY difficult and it has taken me about a year to get good enough to do an entire manicure.

Javablue Snowflakes Manicure

The trick to it is allowing each layer (each coat of base AND the stamped image) to dry for about 30 minutes before moving on. Adding the top coat can really ruin the pattern, so make sure you are very light-handed when you go your first coat of top coat.

Javablue Snowflakes Manicure

I was originally going to do this manicure with white on blue, but I really like the blue and brown combination instead. It’s more subtle, yet just edgy enough for my taste.

I was inspired by Nailasaurus, who did an awesome manicure using the same stamping plate:

Nailasaurus Festive Fingertips

She went one step further by adding sparkles to the middle of some of the flakes. I love her manicure for the WOW! factor, but I also like mine for a more casual Christmas time manicure.


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