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Rosebud Manicure

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I watched a video from Polish and Pearls the other day and was inspired to try one of my own. I did the rosebud manicure.

Rosebud Manicure from Pick Me!

Here is a closeup of the rosebud:

Rosebud Manicure from Pick Me!

I used the following polishes: (Continue Reading…)


Strangely Dickensian

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Two months before he showed up on our doorstep, I watched this movie on Netflix: Happythankyoumoreplease

It’s one of those movies with WAY too many plot lines, but it was good. I did have a moment when I screamed at the television set, “Kids don’t just show up in your life like that!”

I am here to tell you now that yes, yes they do. And as of two weeks ago, we have full custody of an 11-year-old boy who just showed up on our doorstep in a strangely Dickensian manner.


Life’s A Beach Manicure

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SEPHORA by OPI Life's A Beach Mini Kit at Amazon.com Stacey and Dan bought me the BEST mini fingernail polish set last week! It’s called Life’s A Beach from Sephora. I immediately did a manicure the night they gave it to me because I loved all the colors. Mike talked me out of coloring a different color on each finger, despite the fact that they had conveniently given me TEN colors and TEN fingers to match. Instead, I took my favorites and made a manicure that I LOVE!

Life's A Beach Manicure from Pick Me

I used Havana Dreams for the base color. For the flower, I used It’s All About Me for the petals and IM Beauty for the center.

Here’s a closeup of the flower.

Life's A Beach Manicure Closeup from Pick Me

I had so much fun with this. I know this manicure will last about a week, but I’m so tempted to take it off to do another one with the colors from that mini kit!


Music and Nostalgia: Creating Your Sense of Self

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This video made me rethink everything I’ve thought about music and nostalgia.

Instead of listening to our individual music with headphones, we should be listening to our music together to create an identity as a family. I remember every morning listening to my New Wave music with my mom as we got ready every morning. It was really a bonding experience and I want to have that with Sean, so we need to banish the headphones and listen together, even if we have to listen to the Rainbow Connection over and over until I want to scream. In the end, it will remind me of this time when he is grown and gone.

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