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Merry Christmas from Santa and Me

Filed under: Christmas — Laura Moncur @ 10:00 am

When I was scanning all my grandmother’s old photographs, I found this picture of me with Santa.

Laura Lund Moncur and Santa Claus

I had never seen it, so if my parents had a copy, my dad must have gotten rid of it when he went all Jehovah Witness. He joined that religion right before my fourth birthday, so I must have been three years old in this photo. Either that, or it was an illicit Santa visit AFTER my dad joined the religion. I look a little older than three, so maybe it was.

There have been times when I have lamented not knowing many things about my dad’s or mom’s childhood, but here I am looking at a mystery of my own.

Well, Merry Christmas from Santa and me! I had no idea we had been friends…


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