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What It Feels Like To Grow Up in The Eighties

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Back in 2010, an antique store in Salt Lake City was going out of business. I saw a painting there that was the epitome of what it feels like to grow up in the Eighties.

What It Feels Like To Grow Up in The Eighties Original Image

It was $450 and way too expensive for me to buy, so I snapped a picture and forgot all about it until a few weeks ago, when I was looking through old photos.

The artist’s signature isn’t clear enough in the picture for me to see the name, but I remember that it was a woman’s name and it reminded me that sometimes the gender of the artist IS important because only a woman who had experienced this would be able to paint this.

I played with my camera phone photo in Photoshop and was able to make one that’s easier to see.

What It Feels Like To Grow Up in The Eighties

From the Walkman and headphones to the big bow in the pouty girl’s hair, THIS is what it felt like to grow up in the Eighties as a girl.


Allie Annoying Elvis with Friendship

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Last week, we had Allie visit for a day or so and I caught her and Elvis playing. I thought the Internet might enjoy it as well.

I love to have Allie visit because it teaches our animals to get along with other animals. Or in Elvis’ case, it teaches him to just walk away…

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