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We Just Adopted Lucy

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We went to the Downtown Farmers Market to find Armenian cucumbers and we ended up with a kitten.

Laura and Lucy 07-14-12

She looks so much like Maggie and is a very snuggly kitten, so I immediately love her. I had no choice. She’s three months old, so that would make her birthday April 14, 2012.

Elvis has spent all his time stalking her and hissing. Nina has just avoided her as much as she could. I’m sure she’ll fit in this household just fine, she just needs to find her place.


Lucy and Elvis Love Each Other

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Every day, I happen upon a scene like this, but by the time I get my camera, they’ve stopped. Or sometimes, I can get my camera, but they suddenly become shy. Today, however, they just kept on cuddling for THREE whole minutes. I trimmed the cutest bits to show you.

Lucy is the cuddliest cat I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. She would cuddle with me all day long if I let her. She snuggles with Elvis and even Nina, the dog. Caitlin, our baby sitter, caught them in the act the other day.

Nina and Lucy

Nina doesn’t appear to like the snuggle nearly as much as Elvis does.

Elvis and Lucy Love Each Other

I’m so glad we have animals who not only get along, but actually LOVE each other. It brings me joy every single day.

Update 8:51 pm

I can’t believe I got two videos in one day. I have been trying to film these guys for MONTHS!


Lucy Loves Nina

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I was lying on the couch, relaxing and Lucy came to sleep on my stomach. Within a minute or two, Nina walked up to Lucy and the lovefest began. You can see it here:

It lasted for a full three minutes before Nina pulled away and slept next to me.

I can’t believe the harmony we have in the house. I’ve never had three animals get along as well as Lucy, Elvis and Nina do. The only points of contention are when Lucy wants to cuddle too much with Elvis and when Elvis is hogging the doggie bed. I’m just so happy with my peaceful house.

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