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There was a swarm of dragonflies in front of my house the other night when I came home from work. They stayed on the east side of the house and were there for at least an hour. I couldn’t tell if they had found a different swarm of tasty bugs to eat or if they were attracted to my house for other reasons. Maybe it was an omen.

If you dream that a dragonfly lands on your body then you will have excellent news from someone far away from home. If you see a dead dragonfly, then the news will be bad. A dragonfly perched gracefully on some other object shows that you will soon be having guests that may be hard to get rid of. The Dream Dictionary

The problem is that it wasn’t a dream. The dragonflies were real and staying in my front yard. They didn’t land on my body. They didn’t die. They didn’t even perch on anything. They flew wildly and actively. There were no birds feeding on them. I couldn’t even tell if they were feeding on anything.

Dragonflies symbolize illusion, dreams, change, enlightenment, irresponsibility, unreliability, weakness, instability, swiftness, dreams and seeing the truth. They are messengers of the elemental world and the god/esses. They are connected to Summer. Wyldkat’s Pagan Place

So dragonflies can symbolize just about anything according to the Pagan world. It could be that the gods had a message for me and I missed out. It could be that the dragonflies were there to herald the end of the blistering summer that we suffered from all season. It could be that they were scolding me because of my irresponsible, unreliable, weak and unstable ways. Or they could be trying to tell me to keep dreaming, to be enlightened, to seek the truth and embrace change. With such a variety of meanings attributed to such a lively and active insect, I’m bound to find meaning there somewhere.

Dragonfly is the essence of the winds of change, the messages of wisdom and enlightenment, and the communications from the elemental world?Dragonfly medicine always beckons you to seek out the parts of your habits which you need to change. Native American Animal Omens

According to Native American mythology, the dragonfly beckons me to seek out the parts of my habits that I need to change. With that many dragonflies in one small area, I must need changing badly. How would they know? Sure, they’re helpful insects that eat the pests like mosquitoes and their evil West Nile Virus. That doesn’t give them the knowledge to discern which of my habits are helpful and which are damaging. Those damn dragonflies, how dare they judge my lifestyle?!

I trust that everything happens for a reason, even when we’re not wise enough to see it. Oprah Winfrey (1954 – ), O Magazine

So what does it mean? A strange and large swarm of dragonflies came to visit my home. I ran into the house and called my husband to see them. Neither one of us had seen that many dragonflies in one spot that didn’t include a body of water. The neighbors went about their business and were completely oblivious to our visitors. We watched their seemingly erratic movement for about a half hour before we had to leave for an appointment. We didn’t see them arrive and we didn’t see them leave, but we enjoyed them for that brief moment while they were there.

Maybe that’s what it means. Stop. Look. Bring your loved ones. Enjoy us while we’re here because we won’t be here forever. Take the time to watch us. Pay no attention to the people who are too blind to see us. Don’t worry about where we came from or where we will go. Just drink us in while the summer evening is still warm. Soon it will be cold and we will all die, so look at us now.



  1. i love dragonflies

    Comment by jackie — 3/16/2004 @ 1:43 pm

  2. Recently a swarm of dragonflies was seen by a woman in our area in Ipoh , Perak , Malaysia. Strange enough the woman’s son also saw a swarm of dragonflies in another part of the town in Ipoh. He came home to inform the mother. The mother told him she also saw the swarm of dragonflies. It shouldn’t be strange. It will be a normal phenomena in the future. A fly always follow me wherever I go even in the saloon where I wash my hair. I am so used to it. Great Philosopher,(if I am not mistaken, )Aristotle also had a fly followed him in his bedroom. I read it in my research studies on phenomenas. Bye

    Comment by Margaret Chan — 8/29/2004 @ 12:18 am

  3. Today, there were about 20 dragonflies outside of my home. Baffled by what was going on, since there is no body of water in my yard, I searched on Google, and your article came up. Your article made me think about why they are there. Thanks for the insight! Signed, A Visitor.

    Comment by someone — 9/7/2004 @ 3:28 pm

  4. I am a very aggressive driver and am always speeding on the road. I had a fender bender last week while speeding out of my neiborhood. I was on my way to a weekend vacation and when I got to my destination I noticed a dead dragonfly on the front bumper. I knocked it off and forgot about it, but when I returned from my vacation, I noticed another one dead in basically the same spot. It was wierd so i looked it up. What i believe now according to your article is that speeding is a bad bad habit that I need to change or there is going to be some sad news. This may just be some strange belief, but i will take it as a sign. Thank you for your research.

    Comment by Doretha — 9/21/2004 @ 10:45 pm

  5. I live in Ca. I was watering the lawn outside and I started to shoot the water into the air (like a child would do) and the same thing happened. I wrote this about the experience:

    ~Life is dry, let’s learn from the dragonfly. ~It dances whether in single or pairs. ~The heat of the noonday calls, for the space above my mower flying through, humming in unison. ~Somehow the fresh cut blades moisten, crispy shards of ribbons, the glass, They offer, to ask, would you like to dance?

    Comment by Dr.Argee — 10/8/2004 @ 3:12 am

  6. Beautiful…

    Comment by Laura Moncur — 10/8/2004 @ 10:18 am

  7. About a year ago I was surfing the internet; I had been wanting to get a tattoo, but did not know what to get. I saw lots of tattoos;did’nt like any. Then I saw this one tattoo that caught my eye…it just spoke to me; if you know what I mean. I fell in love with it, and did not even know what it was. I went to get the tattoo done, and it was then that I discovered that it was a dragonfly ( I thought it was some kind of butterfly). I got the tattoo done (which is on my lower back, and I totally love), but I started to think that this dragonfly had a meaning. I wanted to know what it was. Thanks to your article I now know what it symbolizes. Thanks

    Comment by Anonymous — 12/30/2004 @ 12:25 pm

  8. This is my favorite thing I’ve read about Dragonflies. It revealed itself to me just as I was going through a divorce after 14 years of marriage. I still wear the silver pin on my lapel wherever I go…

    Dragonfly Symbolism Dragonfly symbolism crosses and combines with that of the butterfly and change. The dragonfly symbolizes going past self-created illusions that limit our growing and changing. Dragonflies are a symbol of the sense of self that comes with maturity. They are fantastic flyers, darting like light, twisting, turning, changing direction, even going backwards as the need arises. They are inhabitants of two realms – starting with water, and moving to the air with maturity, but staying close to water. Some people who have the dragonfly as their totem have had emotional and passionate early years, but as they get older they achieve balance with mental clarity and control. They gain an expression of the emotional and mental together. Dragonflies are old and adaptive insects, and are most powerful in the summer under the effects of warmth and sunlight. Their colors are a result of reflecting and refracting the power of light. As a result, they are associated with color magic, illusion in causing others only to see what you wish, and other mysticism. The are often represented in Japanese paintings, representing new light and joy. To some Native Americans they are the souls of the dead. Faerie stories say that they used to be real dragons. Dragonflies are reminders that we are light and can reflect the light in powerful ways if we choose to do so. “Let there be light” is the divine prompting to use the creative imagination as a force within your life. They help you to see through your illusions and allow your own light to shine in a new vision. Likeacat.com

    Comment by lmac — 3/2/2005 @ 1:04 pm

  9. I came to this website because a dragonfly landed on me, and my sister. One landed on me the day my mom passed away and one landed on my sister during my mom’s memorial service.

    We both believe it was a sign from my mom. I used to wear a dragonfly pin, until I lost it and my sister recently got a dragonfly tattoo.

    This website gave me hope that it was a sign from my mom and I’ll see one again sometime soon. Thanks.

    Comment by Kelly — 3/31/2005 @ 7:20 am

  10. When I was about 6 yrs. old I was struggling with life/afterlife issues. My father explained it to me like this as we sat on the bank of a pond. He told me that the dragonfly starts it’s life’s journey in the world of water and at times will look up and see the bright light and know it is good. Then, when the time is right for that individual dragonfly, it will journey up a reed or stick towards the light, never to be seen in the world of water again. Once on the other side the dragonfly is in the world of air, it now has a set of beautiful irrideccent wings, it can move and dart about with great ease, it can look down into the water and see the others waiting for their time to come and journey to the light but cannot cross into the water. And sometimes, if the light is just right, one of the dragonflies in the water will look up and catch a glimse of a beautiful, slender, winged dragonfly surrounded in bright light.
    Now whenever I see a dragonfly I am reminded that there are many stages of life in every living thing and I am right where I belong–for now. I have 1 tatoo– a dragonfly, of course, on the top of my left knee–like it is just sitting there. Dragonflies make me smile and feel secure in the order of the universe.

    Comment by Vicki — 5/23/2005 @ 10:25 am

  11. The dragongly has been in my life for several years now but has now shown up more frequently and my role has been to save them from what would surely be a swift swat. I have carried them from my hallway when death looked very near, caught them in my hands and taken them outside, given Reiki to them as they lay on the ground after being tossed against a building by a strong wind.
    Thank you for this site as it has helped me to understand that I have to take responsibility in reflecting my light to the world.

    Comment by Sara — 5/26/2005 @ 10:34 am

  12. Dragonflies for some reason they keep coming into my world and I find that they are a messenger of something good. I am researching a little more on dragonflies as I have just spent ten weeks trying to print dragonflies and paint them on fabric and canvas. I like the impression rather than the factual shapes and also swarms of them layered one on top of the other in various colours. I am learning about art so thankyou for the insight from many people that has given me some indication. I have been wondering why I should all of a sudden start to do dragonflies and this has gone with eagle impressions as well.

    Comment by Therese Gabriel Wilkins — 6/5/2005 @ 10:08 pm

  13. They came here to , and this is what I felt

    The Meeting

    The Dragonfly has come to me and told me to prepare. For the ways that we are used to will not always be there.

    He sounded very urgent and brought his many freinds They all began to speak to me And said this message I must send

    The salmon was there, he was small n frail, he seemed so very sad He said to save the water for it will soon be bad

    The Hawk was there and choking He said he could not breathe

    So the Owl said he speak for him And in a deep voice he said

    “Our Food is being poisoned” “So is our Air and Water’

    She the Mother Earth is ill We’ve come to tell her sons and daughters.

    He brought with him the Hummingbird, Who said we’d ok He said its time for unity And for Mother Earth we should prey.

    The frog joined in as well He said to speak out loud he said to tell this messege clearly because not all with ears can hear

    He said that things will change now And that all this greed must stop He said it time to stand strong And then away he hopped.

    The bear stood tall and begin to speak Her children were in danger She said she needs our help To stop this greedy stranger

    The raven crowed and said hold on He has a better plan The plan told to him by Grandfather The plan as old as time that had been lost in the land

    And then 1 by 1 Each council said as if it were a song

    Love Caring Kindness Harmony Peace

    Love Caring Kindness Harmony Peace

    and the crickets began to play there music The wolf holwed 1 long cry

    And then they all were gone.

    Comment by Jen — 6/28/2005 @ 7:26 pm

  14. I’ve had many similar experiences with butterflies. Not a lot of them at once. But several in a day, even during the coldest part of Winter. Because of this, I did research on them. It’s taught me to pay attention to everything around me more than I used to and also to not ignore the signs. I agree with Oprah. I believe that everything happens for a reason, which has always been spiritual growth for me. Psyche, butterfly and soul are all synonymous with each other.

    Comment by Diana — 7/3/2005 @ 2:32 pm

  15. Every day when I’m driving to, and from work, I see hundreds of dragonflies. They fly straight towards me, and with me. I feel embraced by them. They make me feel like I’m in a magical place. All of the anger, and pain I feel is then lifted off of me. It’s so strange, like I’m floating with them. I have never really noticed them until just recently. I found one dead today, and it made me feel so sad! I wonder what they are trying to tell me?

    Comment by tara — 7/22/2005 @ 12:45 pm

  16. One day my parents and I went out of town for a little while. It is something that we normally do. We take day trips to places that we have never been to in our state. When we came home, I went outside and sat down for a while, and gazed at our pond. I felt relaxed. But then all of the sudden their must have been 20 dragonflies around our pound flying everywhere. I almost got an mystical feeling about these insects. I walked up to one, that was perched on one of our wind charms, and proceeded to go closer. I love dragonflies, so I went up to it and actually pet it. Like a you would gentally pet a rabbit. It did nothing but just sit their, and then it flew around me, and it was just so odd. So what do you think? Are they telling me something. I feel kinda odd on asking that question, since I don’t study Pagon anymore, but I do tarot cards.

    Comment by Kayla — 7/23/2005 @ 6:33 pm

  17. I was driving home from work this morning and my car window was rolled completely down. I felt a sharp sting on the edge of my left ear as I was driving down the road at about 40 miles per hour. Then I heard this loud rattling and buzzing sound in the back of my car. I looked back at my rear window and there was the largest dragonfly I have ever seen before. It was not hurt at all. It was frantically trying to get out through my rear window. When I arrived home I helped it get safely out of my car. I wondered whether this was a good or bad omen so I have searched the web and I’m still not sure. It could be either way. Any thoughts on this incident???

    Comment by JoAnn — 7/26/2005 @ 6:37 am

  18. The Dragonflies are finished and the canvas is done. They are yet to be exhibited and am interested to see what the reaction will be to them. As they embraced my world I was compelled to capture my impression of these creatures … Now that the images are finished it is as if they have brought light into the world and coloured the canvas of my life. It is interesting to hear what others have experienced thankyou.

    Comment by Therese Wilkins — 7/31/2005 @ 8:01 am

  19. For the past few weeks I have been seeing Dragonflies everywhere. I have seen around 3-4 at the Grocery store where I work, and droves of them around my house everyday also. I found all the information here and on other websites very comforting, I don’t know what the message is that they are bringing, but I feel that they are trying to tell me something. Blessed Be )O(

    Comment by Starlight Phoenix — 8/2/2005 @ 3:56 pm

  20. I sat with a friend late one evening contemplating the years since we had met….”and remember (I said) how we used to see those little white butterflys…oh, and the dragonfly….I haven’t seen one in years!” The following day I was standing at my kitchen sink when movement outside the window caught my attention. In front of me was a flurry of what appeared to be tiny helicopters. I was taken aback when I realized that I was viewing a swarm of ‘Dragonflies’. Instantly, I recalled the comment made night before. In the early weeks that past I received three cards all of which cited a Dragonfly. Instinct told me that there was something to be learned from this. I went online and researched the symbol of this insect. What I read led me to believe that a message was being sent. I had lost my eldest son, Jason, a few months earlier in a tragic motorcycle accident. The swarm appeared shortly thereafter and single Dragonflies continued to appear in close proximity to me on occasion (still do). Throughout my grief the visits led me to discoveries related with illusion and self. Perhaps if a message comes at a time when it is needed we are more susceptible to a belief in it’s source. I am lured to this amazing creature……and…..I wonder.

    Comment by Annette — 8/6/2005 @ 2:46 am

  21. A little over a year ago my father was diagnosed with leukemia. It had been the most terrible news I had ever got. Struggling with our relationship through the years my dad and I had alot of conflict and had finally started getting our lives back on track-not wanting to waste another moment, until I had gotten the news. I spent the majority of my time in the hospital talking with him trying to get the ”daddy” I had lost along time ago back. A couple weeks from then my cousin had been at a track and field meet and had been greeted with a dozen dragonflies dancing around him. His coach had seen them and asked Mike if he had a loved one who has been sick or had passed on because the dragonfly was also a symbol of afterlife. About a week later my dads condition had gotten alot worse-not able to hold on any longer he fell into god’s arms. It’s been a year and a half now and just about every day I’m blessed with the presence of a dragonfly whether it’s the dragonfly itself or a picture, painting, someone wearing a shirt with one on it- I know it’s my dad, reaching out to me telling me that one day we will meet again, until then through the dragonfly he lives on-so beautiful, so free

    Comment by Kate — 8/11/2005 @ 6:27 pm

  22. I notice that wherever I go there are dragonflies. I feel something about them however, Im not sure what it is. As previous writers have said, an almost mystical feeling comes over me. Even though my Grandmother has never been symbolized by a dragonfly I do think of her when I see them since they occupy the cemetary that my grandmother is buried in. Maybe they have been sent to watch over me. Sometimes there is just one dragonfly, other times there are 10-20. Im going to get a dragonfly tattoo on my left shoulder blade so there will always be one looking over me. Its great to see that there are other people in the world that know what Im experiencing.

    Comment by Tracy — 8/22/2005 @ 12:10 pm

  23. This afternoon when My husband and I were bringing in the groceries he called he in what i thought was a panic voice. I put my bags down on the counter and ran out. He said look, and in front of us was about 10 dragonflies. I said it was a sign and he just laughed at me, but I knew it meant something. That is why I came looking and found your site. I really needed an answer because we are still living together until our home is sold and then he wants a divorce. I have been trying desperately to make him come around and to not waste the 14 1/2 years we’ve been together, 7 1/2 years of that married. So, even in reading what you have to say I’m still not truely sure what they mean, but I will continue to look out for the changes and other signs. Thanks:)

    Comment by Sheri — 8/24/2005 @ 5:52 pm

  24. A strange phenomena occurred in my garden while I was caring for plants. A brown dragonflie approached near me and landed on a wooden 2×2 short post at the end of a garden my late husabnd and I had put at the end of our garden. My husband passed unexpectedly one day while boating on a lake in October of 2002. I grieved so hard and although it’s been almost 3 years since, I still feel tears falling when I see things he had done around our property. The dragonfly perched staring at me, as I got closer it flew to our fence and stared knotting it’s head. I knotted mine to the right, it did the same thing, several times! Then it open its mouth like it was trying to convey a message. I felt that it was as though my husband was doing it. The next day, it returned, I was happy to see it. The third day was also exciting because it followed and watch me, flying in front of me, or watching me while I worked and as I stared at it veered to the right tipping its wings like an airplane would. I went to look for it the 4th day and didn’t see it. I questioned my faith in God and said if it came back my faith would be restored. Then the 5th day the same brown dragonfly had followed me to the side of my house so suddenly, it was like it was so excited and glad to see me, flying around in front of me almost touching me, I was surprised and said, “So there you are, I missed you, and hoped you would come…hi there….thank you!” Just as quickly it flew away and so fast I didn’t see its direction. I still look for it and hope to see it again….It felt like an omen.. It was after this event I looked up information of their lifestyle. I was very surprised to see others have had this feeling like it was a spirit of their loved ones. I felt strongly when I viewed it and can’t explain it, but it definitely made me have a different outlook on life.

    Comment by Maria — 9/17/2005 @ 3:41 am

  25. My Dad passed away March 2005. It was and still is hard to get through the days. I am one of four children, the youngest. He always told me for some reason he always remembered my birthday but couldn’t always remember my siblings. September 15th was my birthday. Days prior I was talking to my dad in my car. I said “Dad If you are around and thinking of me on my birthday let me know somehow. My daughter and I went to the cemetary that afternoon. As we were driving in I mentioned it to my daughter. She said did you get your sign Mom? I said not yet. We stopped at my dads graveside and I said “Hi Dad”. I no sooner said it and there were dragonflies flying all around us. My daughter said theres your sign mom. Since that day I have thought about the dragonflies. Today I sat in my yard where my dad helped us put up our fence and planted some lilies. Suddenly a dragonfly flew by. I couldnt find it i was looking on the ground by me because that is where it seemed like it went. When i sat up It was 2 feet from my face staring at me. Once I said Hi dad! it flew away.

    Comment by Lisa — 9/20/2005 @ 3:37 pm

  26. I have had so many experiences with dragonflies lately. My boyfriend has the poster of the movie “dragonfly”. For my birthday September 7th, he gave me a dragonfly wind chime. Few days later I bought my mom a ring, and the jeweler gave it to me in a box, with a dragonfly on it. A week later, i am in the car, with my hand hanging to the side, (my mother is constantly telling me not to do this), and i suddenly feel something in my hand. i look, and it’s a dragonfly. I screamed suddenly, and let it out. I mentioned this to my boyfriend, and he said that he had recently encountered many dragonflies after he gave me the wind chime. We often find dead dragonflies on his car. exactly four months ago, my grandfather, and my boyfriends grandmother passed away, only days apart. Ever since i dream so much of him, and in colors, and i can smell things. Derek (my boyfriend) says he can feel his grandmother all the time in his house. I dont know exactly what it all means, i love symbolism, and i would really like to know why we are both so linked to dragonflies. Could someone please offer me an explanation? Thank You.

    Comment by Ana — 9/20/2005 @ 3:53 pm

  27. For a few months now, I have noticed dragonflies all over. Not only real ones but stickers, frames, books, tattoos, pictures….everywhere. The funny thing is that the first movie I saw with my boyfriend was dragonfly and we’ve been dating for three years now. Last summer though we had a huge fight and broke up for 3 months. We got back together and everything has been relatively good. I really really love him, but he has a problem telling me that he loves me although he shows me he does. But since we got back together I’ve seen them everywhere…..everywhere I go they’re there…..I don’t know if they’re telling me to change my relationship, if what I have going on with him is simply in illusion or if I should make particular changes in my life. I do know that whenever I see them I always feel this calm, serene feeling…

    Comment by Adriana — 11/25/2005 @ 8:30 pm

  28. Since you feel calm, I would suggest that the dragonflies represent his love for you. Since he cannot tell you he loves you as often as he would like, they bring the message instead.

    Comment by Laura Moncur — 11/25/2005 @ 8:35 pm

  29. When my children were younger they spent more time at home than they do now — school, sports, friends, etc. now occupying much of their time. But when they were little they would delight in chasing the many dragonflies that would perch themselves upon the blades of grass in our back yard. They weren’t trying to catch the dragonflies, they just seemed to be playing with them. I recall this memory often and the meanings become more and more clear to me as time progresses. One of the greatest meanings for us is to never become so busy that we don’t have time to play with dragonflies once in a while.

    Comment by Terrie — 1/13/2006 @ 4:56 am

  30. The dragonfly came to me first 6 yeras ago. First it began as gifts in the form of dragonflies such as charms and cards etc given from friends. I assumed it was because the dragonfly imagery was everywhere and was considered “new age”. However I started to see dragon flies everywhere I went. Occasionally one would actually land on me or fly in circles around me. Once I was reading a book and one came and landed on the page I was reading. The line was meaningful to me. We stared at eachother for a minute, I wondering what it wanted me to know.

    I notice now that the dragonfly comes to me when I am pensive or if I am contemplating something. It seems to be some kind of affirmation or acknowledgement. It is like an exclaimation mark or an invitation to take the idea further. Like a question. And then it zooms away when you acknowledge it in return. It seems to not provide answeres but invite you to question more deeply. It is also a reminder that we are all capable of great deeds (even if they are small actions)and that these things have have importance in our life. This is what the dragonfly means to me. I think that some of life’s symbols are universal and some are personally yours. The meaning of a symbol can only really interpreted by you. And if you give symbolic meaning to the events or occurances in your life, messages and direction will be given to you in this way. Just like people read the horoscopes or pay attention to the words of radio songs or find inspiration through the wrods in books. So I think that all the people on this site who have interpreted personal meaning from the dragonfly are correct. All things can be understood if you listen with your heart.

    Comment by Francine — 1/24/2006 @ 2:03 am

  31. For the past several days now there has been about 15-20 dragonflys on my patio and the strange thing is my door is open so they can go free as they please, but they don’t. Just yesterday I stopped at a red light and the car on the side of me had a Huge Dragonfly dangling from her mirror not everyday do you see something like that. It’s like there following me, but it’s okay becuase I have a safe feeling. If this is a mean of change I hope it has something to do with my son, he’s 2yrs old and suffers from serizures everyday due to a adverse reaction to the MMR shoot. He can’t walk, talk or do any thing in that matter for a year now since he has rec. this shoot. I hope this means change for the good.

    Comment by Erin — 5/13/2006 @ 12:35 pm

  32. Thanks for this. Today as I was leaving my apartment and a dragonfly was calmly sitting outside of the door jamb. I took a picture of him. He was big, fuzzy and beautiful. I knew it was a sign of something. His showing up was too random. I’ve now learned that dragonflies symbolize change and omen to break bad habits and letting the real you out for the world to enjoy. Mostly it is a GOOD thing! Roger that God. And thank you for sending a simply miraculous messenger.

    Comment by Yolanda kae — 6/2/2006 @ 8:18 pm

  33. My mom is sitting in the hospital with terminal cancer…… On a warm summer evening I was sitting outside with my husband on our porch, when we saw a swarm of dragonflies. I looked at my husband and said “this is the night my mom is going to die” this is my sign. Well I did get the dreaded phone call in the middle of the night….My mom did die. Now everytime I see dragonflies I think of my mom. I saw a very large swarm last night and am wondering what is next?

    Comment by Sherry — 7/31/2006 @ 2:54 pm

  34. I am in the garden alot working with mint and lavendar I see the dragon fly and call to it and hold my hand out with hand and fingers toward the sky it lands on my hand or finger and stays awhile then is gone

    Comment by lynne — 8/27/2006 @ 3:04 pm

  35. I read through your pages and went for a drive along the north shore of Lake Superior in MN. When pulling down towards the lake at a resort I had a swarm of hundreds of emporer dragonflies swarm my car. The same thing happened when leaving. I knew then that the dragonfly was there to help me grow and transfrorm into the person I once was and want to be in the future. I don’t think there are many that would understand what I mean, but Hope will if she visits this page. She is my flamemate and dragonfly twin.

    Comment by Steve — 8/30/2006 @ 4:39 pm

  36. It’s now 3am in the morning, the beeper on my digital clock is doing it’s thing…beep…Beep…Perhaps the batteries are going dead? Or perhaps it’s yet another message from the other side…

    I’ve seen a TON of dragonflies lately, it’s almost as if no one has noticed or perhaps cared? I’ve had may spiritual awakening, so I really thought nothing of it….I made a mental note to myself and moved on…I guess looking for the BIG message…

    Tonight, there was A green dragonfly at my screen door…Just one…Now keep in mind it’s 11pm at night….and I haven’t seen any for awhile now…hmmmmmm

    Just one….it was amazing…so amazing my husband is sleeping and I’m still up looking for the dragonfly….lol….I’m still up wondering what it meant….

    A dragonfly?

    Comment by Delana — 9/21/2006 @ 3:23 am

  37. While googling “dragonflies”, your blog showed up… I was just sitting here at my desk feeling the friday morning blues. Wondering if my life is going in the right and perfect direction. Wondering if I love enough. Wondering if its me that needs to change… Feeling a bit awkward and out of place. Then, in the glorious Nevada sun light, a big blue dragonfly fluttered across my window. If I hadn’t opened the blinds moments before, I would have missed it.

    Comment by Bree — 9/29/2006 @ 8:42 am

  38. I call to dragonflies whenever I see them about and hold my hand out and soon enough one always comes and land on my finger

    Comment by leo — 10/11/2006 @ 7:11 pm

  39. Funny, i just made a photo i took of a dragonfly on a tree outside my daughter’s dorm the day we were moving her in into my screensaver. i hadn’t thought much of it till wanting to replace my screensaver, and chose this photo, which i so enjoyed taking because it was such a beautiful surprise to see this large insect poised on a leaf there, as if waiting for me to see him and photograph him. i’ve been having a difficult summer – jobwise, missing my kids, my husband traveling, etc. – and voila, i decide to put the dragonfly on my desktop and it occurred to me it MIGHT mean something…..i believe it does. It means that i am going to finally embrace change and be okay with it.

    Comment by Sheri — 10/24/2006 @ 8:25 pm

  40. Funny — I was just given a dragonfly pendant. It is the second one that came to me in as many months, from different places and for no apparent connection. I wonder if there is a message there or just a reminder to pay attention.

    Comment by AGD — 10/30/2006 @ 4:53 pm

  41. A few months ago a lady was in my office wearing a pretty black dress with designs of dragonflies all over it. I commented on its beauty. She replied, “you know what dragonflies stand for, don’t you”? “No”, I replied. “Grandmothers through the ages”. I thought that was beautiful. I’m not a grandmother. I am a mother and most likely will one day be a grandmother. I’ve been giving a lot of thought regarding my life, my mother, the aging process and how we pass from one life to another … generation after generation… so much learning along the way. Well, yesterday, my husband gave me a beautiful dragonfly necklace for mother’s day. I thought it was SO appropriate…and, he hadn’t even remembered me telling me the symbolic meaning this lady had shared. I went to my mother’s house on mother’s day and she gave me a stack of letters her mother had written to her in 1964. I spent mother’s day evening with my beautiful dragonfly necklace, my magnificent mother’s love and inspiration and my grandmother’s letters. A true mother’s day to remember and, I think, a new inspiring, sobering, balanced chapter of my life.

    Dragonfly is the essence of the winds of change, the messages of wisdom and enlightenment, and the communications from the elemental world?Dragonfly medicine always beckons you to seek out the parts of your habits which you need to change

    Maybe that’s what it means. Stop. Look. Bring your loved ones. Enjoy us while we’re here because we won’t be here forever. Take the time to watch us. Pay no attention to the people who are too blind to see us. Don’t worry about where we came from or where we will go. Just drink us in while the summer evening is still warm. Soon it will be cold and we will all die, so look at us now.

    Dragonfly symbolism crosses and combines with that of the butterfly and change. The dragonfly symbolizes going past self-created illusions that limit our growing and changing. Dragonflies are a symbol of the sense of self that comes with maturity. They are fantastic flyers, darting like light, twisting, turning, changing direction, even going backwards as the need arises. They are inhabitants of two realms – starting with water, and moving to the air with maturity, but staying close to water. Some people who have the dragonfly as their totem have had emotional and passionate early years, but as they get older they achieve balance with mental clarity and control. They gain an expression of the emotional and mental together. Dragonflies are old and adaptive insects, and are most powerful in the summer under the effects of warmth and sunlight. Their colors are a result of reflecting and refracting the power of light. As a result, they are associated with color magic, illusion in causing others only to see what you wish, and other mysticism. The are often represented in Japanese paintings, representing new light and joy. To some Native Americans they are the souls of the dead. Faerie stories say that they used to be real dragons. Dragonflies are reminders that we are light and can reflect the light in powerful ways if we choose to do so. “Let there be light” is the divine prompting to use the creative imagination as a force within your life. They help you to see through your illusions and allow your own light to shine in a new vision.

    The Meeting

    The Dragonfly has come to me and told me to prepare. For the ways that we are used to will not always be there

    Comment by Diane — 5/14/2007 @ 3:45 am

  42. I broke my leg while riding my off road motorcycle 2 years ago.I was lying on the ground for three hours far from help in southern new hampshire.

    When help came i was put on a utility trailer that was being pulled by an atv.On the way down the mountain i was amazed to notice that a dragonfly was just above my head following me for the 2-3 mile trip.

    When we made it to the ambulance it vanished i felt calm when it was with me. it seemed symbolic in some way.

    Comment by pete — 5/19/2007 @ 8:48 pm

  43. We lost our stillborn baby girl in April. I have been devastated beyond words. We created a memorial garden in her honor in the corner of our yard. We planted a weeping cherry tree, which was supported by a bamboo stake. Unfortunately, our tree died within a few months. I was so torn up over this tree dying, too. Whenever I go out to the garden, daily, I have noticed a dragonfly perched on the bamboo stake. I have always felt Sarah’s presence when I see that little dragonfly. Whenever my husband goes out to the garden, he has commented about the dragonfly flying over and perching itself on the bamboo stake. Just this morning, I went out to the garden, and there it was, waiting for me…welcoming me. What a comfort this dragonfly has been for me. I know that Sarah is with God, and this is God’s way of bringing us comfort and assurance that she is okay. We are holding her memorial in a couple of weeks at her garden. I sure hope our dragonfly shows up! What a gift of comfort this dragonfly has been for us.

    Comment by Joy — 7/21/2007 @ 10:15 am

  44. I just read ur article and i was like WOW!! it was very insightful…i want to get a dragonfly tattoo and was searching for its meaning i found ur site. Can I just say WOW…i am very informed even more that i wanna get a dragonfly…i was touched by some of the stories i read above. inspirational!

    Comment by LALA — 8/4/2007 @ 11:20 pm

  45. My story is similar to all the stories posted here. I, too, had an experience with the largest dragonfly I’ve ever seen. I began to google the meaning and it confirms the feelings that I had at that moment. I was sitting in Florida on the beach when a dragonfly (the size of a hummingbird) came buzzing by. He was flying towards me and his eyes were growing larger and larger the closer he came. He smacked me right in the face, my left cheek. The rest of the day he buzzed all around me to let me know that he was still there. I went on this mini trip to find myself, and contemplate ending my marriage. With fear that I would not be able to make it financially on my own, it was a tough decision. The same day (within hours) a new found friend of mine had called me to tell me about a dragonfly encounter he had earlier that day. He snapped a picture of it and sent it to me. We both laughed and had a wonderful conversation. Now, we both have encounters everywhere with them. We are hundreds of miles apart yet when I see the dragonfly it’s a reminder to me that my decision was the right one and that I’m going to be just fine. The signs are all around us and sometimes we have to be smacked in the face for us to realize change (good or bad) is a way of life and we should grasp it, accept it, make the best of it. I haven’t researched rainbows yet but I’ve seen 5 in the past 10 days (haven’t seen 5 in one year let alone a week and half). I hope to discover this too, is a sign of peace and happiness to come.

    Thank you for having this blog so I could share my story too.

    Comment by KMW — 10/22/2007 @ 7:35 am

  46. It was summer and I had my front door open and a massive dragon fly flew in and landed in my window on the net curtain, of course I freaked out, and went to get my cat to remove the scary insect. My cat came in and went over to the dragonfly in the window. To my surprise the dragonfly flew onto my cats nose and flapped it’s wings and my cat just sat there enjoying it. The dragonfly flew off my cat back onto the net curtain and my cat walked and left it there! I had to pluck up the courage to go and open the window to let it out. I never thought anything about it until I read this. There must have been a message in there somewhere not quite sure what as it was a while ago now! I haven’t seen one since.

    Comment by jen — 1/18/2008 @ 10:03 am

  47. My mother passed away April 21, 2008. At the hospice where she stayed, there was a story about dragonflies, the story to be shared later. When my mom passed, we put in her hands, three dragonflies to symbolize myself and two sisters. I found these at a little trinket shop during my mom’s stay at the hospice. I picked the green one with a blue body as mine. Well, the day after my mom passed, I was flipping through a magazine when I came across a three page spread fashion shoot with dragonflies as the theme. The feature dragonfly had green wings with a blue body, looking identical to the ones I bought. Now if that isn’t a sign…Mama, I love you….your daughter, Giovanna

    Comment by Giovanna — 4/23/2008 @ 5:56 pm

  48. I love dragonflies and have been fortunate on many occasions to interact with them..which according to many publications is very rare??…but the other day as I was sitting at my computer I looked out the window and my backyard was full of dragonflies. They were darting and dashing around feeding on what appeared to be swarms of tiny insects (appeared actually to be dragonflies as well)flocking out of the woods behind my house. I quietly opened my back slider and went and stood in the middle of their frenzy and they continued on as if I wasn’t even there. It was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. I am a spiritual person and long ago asked God to, please just for me,give me a sign to let me know he was near. In this busy world full of concrete he seems to comes to me in nature..when I am still and quiet..it was amazing..I will never forget it.

    Comment by Kimarie — 5/24/2008 @ 11:33 am

  49. I visited the site today after hearing from my sister that there was a swarm of dragonflies on and around a huge bush in front of her neighbor’s house as she was entering her car. She thought it to be a little odd considering that there is no water nearby. There have been many occasions where I have personally had interactions with dragonflies, and have been intrigued by them for many years. I never was quite sure if there was meaning behind the visits with these beautiful insects. I have also contemplated getting a dragonfly tattoo. I own a variety of dragonfly jewelry and clothing items, purses, etc. I guess I never really questioned whether or not this meant anything or was some sort of sign or symbol. However as I read the comments in this blog, I think I need to analize some habits and look deeper into the meaning of htese visits. I love when a huge one approaches me and stares into my eyes as if it it trying to read into my thoughts. Or when one approaches my vehicle as I’m pulling away and follows alongside me for quite a distance.

    Comment by Tasha — 7/19/2008 @ 8:35 pm

  50. Dragonflys are like the birth of a baby, Living in water…then air, surrounded by bright light.

    Comment by Daisy — 8/8/2008 @ 6:00 pm

  51. Funny that I came upon this blog! I too am searching the web for what dragonflies symbolize. On Tuesday 8/19/08 it was my turn to carpool my son and a couple of other boys out to the soccer field. The soccer field is out in the middle of no where and is surrounded by farms and woods. I was sitting outside with my youngest son, my 10 month old baby, letting him crawl around. I noticed that a dragonfly had flown right up to us and landed next to me. So I put my hand down and pushed it up under the dragonfly, half expecting him to fly away. Except he didn’t! He stayed perched on my hand forever! I was showing the baby and just really was in awe of it. I mean that is something that never happens, so my first thought was that he must be getting ready to die. I was pulling out my cell phone to take a picture when he flew off. So a little while later he comes back and again lands next to me and again I pushed my hand up under him and again he stayed perched on my hand. Now I knew that is something rare, that is something that never happens twice. For him to come back, so I started thinking. I am someone that looks for meaning in things like that.

    So I searched the web and found that while they do symbolize many things, one of the most commonly talked about is change and being ok with it. It just so happens I am going through a divorce. The divorce part is not the biggest stress in my life, it is everything with my soon to be ex. He isn’t paying child support and he was fired a couple of weeks ago from a great paying job where he has been for several years. I have two kids with him, 10 and 10 months. I went from living with my parents to living with him, so trying to figure out how I am going to make it has been very stress inducing! I at least have a BS in information technology, but there isn’t a big demand for that where I live. So there have just been many things that have bothered me over the past couple of weeks which cause my stress level to go through the roof! Beyond what I thought I could handle.

    So to have that happen during what is the most difficult time in my life so far, I knew there was some kind of meaning. I felt like someone was telling me it was going to be ok. While it could have been some random event that meant absolutely nothing, I choose to believe it had a purpose because things like that don’t happen! After all they are the fastest insect, he could have easily flew away as my hand approached!

    Comment by Donna — 8/24/2008 @ 6:35 am

  52. wow…it’s nice to be able to read thoughts of people who have also had “mystical” experiences with dragonflies…tonight was my first encounter. After I came home from hearing mass, I saw a dragonfly trapped in my bedroom. It must have gotten in while I left a window open earlier. So I opened my window wide again to let it out, but it didn’t seem to want to leave.

    Eventually, I had to gently guide it outside. I walked out of my room, but when I returned several minutes later, it was still there, perched outside my window!

    I’d like to think I’m the type of person who is very observant about things, events..I also believe that everything happens for a reason..and that God sends us messages all the time..we just have to pay attention…I wanted to know if this meant anything so I surfed the web on dragonflies…I came upon your wonderful blog.

    I had just gotten over someone whom I was very much in love with for seven years…but he didn’t love me back. And I don’t think he could ever. For such a long time this cast such a heavy shadow on my heart. It made me feel very unhappy about myself. But now, I have finally learned how to let him go. And all of a sudden, I feel different. Like I’ve woken up from long dream. It feels like a rebirth of sorts — like I’m reclaiming a part of myself.

    I’d like to think God sent me that dragonfly to tell me that HE is listening…that I should stay true to what is in my heart and not give up on my dreams…to know that He is with us all the time…and that I am on my way to a great journey…a journey that will help me spread out my wings and be the beautiful creature of light that I was meant to be. :)

    Comment by klaire — 9/6/2008 @ 9:59 am

  53. My mom came down with pnemonia back in april of 2008. She fought and we all prayed for her recovery. After several months my mom passed too young anf before her time. The morning of my mom’s funeral I went out on the deck just to get some fresh air when a dragonfly flew towards me and landed by my side. I contemplated when the last time I had seen a dragonfly and couldn’t remember. In that moment it felt like a sign – a comforting sign. Every day from then on I have seen dragonflies.

    I’ve opened the door to have one perched out on the front step. I’ve had several dart about me and hover in front of me and I smile. The day we spread my mom’s ashes I had a dragonfly sit on my shoulder and I cried.

    Even on cold and rainy days I’ve seen them as tattoos on waitresses – charms and pendants on cashiers, co-workers, etc.

    I know there is a symbolism to the dragonfly and take comfort in knowing they represent positive change after a long hardship. My mom will always be with me for as long as there are dragonflies in the world. And seeing as they date back as far as 300 million years ago – I take comfort my mom will always be with me.

    Thank you Dragonfly Spirit.

    Comment by Christian — 9/29/2008 @ 1:14 pm

  54. Tonight is my last night at my mom’s house. I’m moving tomorrow to my boyfriend’s house. I was watching the vp’s debate downstairs and when i was ready to go te bed, i’m in my room and i keep hearing this noise like the dry leaves been moved by the wind so i look out the window and nothing moves. There was no wind at all and there he was, the dragonfly trying to get in. He will fly against the window then stop and then again try to get in. I felt it had a meaning so i decided to google it(like everything this days)and that’s when i found this page. At first i felt it could mean something bad cause that’s just how my mind works but after reading i felt something different. I don’t know at what point he got tired of trying but i got summerged in my writing that i did not noticed the absence of the BZZZZ. Sincerely, The worrier

    Comment by The worrier — 10/2/2008 @ 9:59 pm

  55. i don’t know what it means… since i was 2 my mom would tell me in the summer dragonflies would come and just land on me. i would move and they would still stay sitting on me. even now at the age of 20 every summer they come from nowhere and follow and land on me and now they started to do this with my son. my birthmark is..well it is a dragonfly. but this is not why im telling you this. when i was at the age of 1 i got very sick all the time and they had no idea what it was but at the age of 2 that summer it stop well i know you think this is stupid but the truth is my son has periotic fever and well it happened again they didnt know what it was for a year and now well hes getting better. because of i believe its the dragonfly. well if someone could help me figure this out and what it means please write me at april_fearless@live.com

    Comment by april — 1/11/2009 @ 11:09 pm

  56. For years the Dragonfly for me has meant to “BELIEVE” to have faith in whatever it is that we feel or see. It is also a bearer of good news, more like a sign that something wonderful is about to happen. Once again, when I see one, they are simply telling me BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by HEIDI — 2/13/2009 @ 9:48 pm

  57. i had a dream last night that i was carrying in my right hand a large pink and yellow dragonfly.it was not moving so i assume it was dead, but didnt note this while i was dreaming. not a normal dragonfly, more like something you would see in a fantasy picture about faries ect. in my dream was mostly strangers, (which i always dream about.) my agenda was to help these small children and myself get away from something bad…the building we were hiding in was old typical slum lord type of building with an undesirable green paint on all of the walls. one of the little girls looked like my friends little girl..

    Comment by CRICKET — 3/8/2009 @ 5:05 pm

  58. Beautiful…

    Comment by Cpthotstuff — 7/15/2009 @ 3:03 pm

  59. My wife too has noticed dragonflies enough that here I am on the net looking them up till I find this page. After reading this page I think it must have to do with the fact that our first born son was just born 6/9/09. I think its just one more example of God talking to us all the time, and it usually seems like the message is simply, “everything’s gonna be O.K.” I’ve heard people claim that, “Well, God’s never spoken to me.” and to them I’d always say, yes He has, you just don’t speak His language.

    Comment by Cpthotstuff — 7/15/2009 @ 3:14 pm

  60. I’ve understood that it’s symbolic of change or the need to change. Also consider that the dragonflies have excellent vision. They have compounded eyes, which is like having 30,000 eyes and can see in all directions. It’s been said that they are a sign of seeing past the illusion. And sometimes I think that illusion is what we believe to be “real”. So sometimes when we find ourselves struggling emotionally or not understanding things, perhaps this is a sign to “see past the illusion”.

    I keep seeing them on my walk and I know change is in the air because I am seeing the signs everywhere!!! With the solar eclipse about to happen Wednesday (a sign of change and sometimes of fate – or things that are meant to be), I am anticipating a great change about to happen to me and I am excited these little messengers were part of the foretelling.

    Comment by Carina — 7/20/2009 @ 11:05 pm

  61. In April this year I have been diagnosed breastcancer. I chose to have chemotherapy to shrink the tumor before operation, but then it started growing again. For a couple of days I got signs every day concerning a new medication and my consciousness was lead to a tree, the yew, which is used to make medicine to cure cancer. One of these days I was heading for a nearby park and as soon as I entered I saw a really huge dragonfly green and blue flying around on one spot. I had to pass through and the dragonfly flew right around me several times between a yew and a thuja and I knew this is a message from the spirits of nature have come to help me. I felt that this power is very old and everything is going to be allright. Later I met a friend who was wearing a tuqoise t-shirt with a dragonfly print on it.

    Now my doctors have changed the chemotherapy to paclitaxel which is made from yew and I will start this medicine tomorrow. The most touching line I read here on this blog was that the dragonfly symbolizes a positive change after long hardship. Since I saw the dragonfly I know everything will be allright. Thank you for all your 60 comments you shared with me.

    Comment by Karin — 8/2/2009 @ 1:44 pm

  62. Today the same dragon fly landed on me and my boyfriend. It landed on me and then flew to my boyfriend. I was just wondering if it meant anything cause i knew dragonfly’s landing on people was special but never really knew why.

    Comment by Jessica — 4/28/2010 @ 9:38 pm

  63. I have always loved dragonflies. At first I really didn’t know why because I have a phobea about bugs or bees in which I freak out & run from insects. I’ve never had a fear with dragonflies.

    One day I noticed a swarm of them one day after my mother passed away that was flying all around my brother’s truck. My sister n law & I just stared and watched them & spiritually came to a conclusion of great change was about to happen for my brother. It was true. A chane majorly happened to him that changed his whole life.

    So another occasion, while I myself was in a bad marriage that I wasn’t sure how to get out of.We were all at the lake & I am laying out in the sun. My husband said Jennifer don’t start freaking out but there is a huge dragonfly on your knee. I leaned up & it just starredinto my eyes, probably 3-4 minutes & then it flew away. I was amazed & smiling. One week later an opportunity suddenly came up & I was able to change my life by getting out of a marriage that just was not meant to be. I am happy, following God & living my life like I should be. I did remarry to a good Chrstian man. But yesterday I am at this same lake – just my children & me. My daughter looks at me and says, mama don’t move or scream but there is a dragonfly on your knee! (Same knee as before). This time I looked & did not stare,I just layed my head back. So I am a little unerved! I think this sight is wonderful but there are alot of signs of death on here as well. So I am happy & don’t want any bad chnages only good one! Anyone have any insight?

    Comment by jennifer — 6/6/2010 @ 2:20 pm

  64. Lately I have been seeing dragonflies and the have been setting on my arm and flying around me. One went with me for a while down the road. For two Sundays in a row I would leave my windows down a little because it has been so hot, and a dragonfly would be in my car. If anyone knows what this means please let me know.

    Comment by Doris — 7/27/2010 @ 3:04 pm

  65. I found this site because I was searching for meaning with dragonflies. I always have strange experience with dragon flies while being put out for surgery, it has become something my family teases me about. Never thought much of it until this Sunday, I was in my driveway, and ended up surrounded by dragonflies, 100’s od them, I reached up my arm, and they started flying around my arm. My family was in the yard watching as fascinated by the experience as I was. It felt wonderous. Family teases even more about dragon flies, but I just can’t seem to find anyone to explain the experience. I was great reading others stories. BTW, we are a butterfly haven, you should see our house in the spring and fall, Manarch butterflies and several other breds stop for a visit for a few days, it just spectacular to walk through a swarm of butterflies, never put any meaning to that, maybe I shouldn’t for the dragonflies

    Comment by Lady Roni — 8/26/2010 @ 6:46 pm

  66. I also was on a lounge in the backyard and had a dragonfly land on my right knee. Startled at first I let it sit. Soon a second joined. I let it stay. THEY CAME AND LEFT SEVERAL TIMES. I had to go in the house. But I thought it odd. Any meanings?

    Comment by John M — 10/8/2010 @ 1:01 pm

  67. I am at a stage in my life where I find myself questioning everything. My entire immediate family have struggled. My mum has had a rough childhood due to her father, my father has had leukemia for 7 years and is still going strong, my sister has had everything terrible imaginable happen to her, my 12 yr old niece has sleep induced epilepsy and finds life in general a challenge and myself…well I keep telling myself that my problems are nothing compared to the rest of the world. Especially some of the stories I’ve just read. When at work, for the past 3 mths, I keep having a visit from this 1 particular dragonfly, it doesn’t get too close but circles around me and flys and dips like it hasn’t a care in the world. Just today I also had a dragonfly fly in time to my moving vehicle for about 5 secs right in front of my windscreen. It was amazing and I felt curious yet such peace!! This site has truly been inspirational and I now hold hope that there are positive changes that lie ahead for myself and my family. I can’t bear the thought of my father being taken by the deadly disease of leukaemia that plagues him but somehow, I just know that everything will be okay in life and in death. I cherish every moment I have with him and know that I will see him in the afterlife. Dragonflies (in my eyes now) are telling us that great changes lay ahead, listen to your inner voice and to cherish every single moment you have on earth. We are only mortal once and will never be as beautiful as we are right now.

    Comment by Kat — 2/11/2011 @ 3:29 am

  68. Things with my fiancee have been horrible between us lately and it looks bleak. His father has Alzheimer’s and is not very nice to him, his sister or mom. After events that happened this past weekend, I am ready to leave. Tonight I left to get my nails done, as I’m pulling out of the driveway, there are hundreds of Dragon Flys in my front yard only…..I was amazed! Even my neighbor sent me a text to let me know! My fiancee is finally going to get professional help and I see this as a good sign for us. after 10 years of hell, maybe this will work out! He cant handle what is happening with his dad…..and many other issues as he is a public servant…I hope its a good sign!

    Comment by Patty — 9/2/2011 @ 10:13 pm

  69. When I came home from work I noticed several (20+ ?) large dragonflies flying quickly in all directions above me near the telephone wires and the tops of the trees. It felt mystical. I went inside to look in the animal medicine book for insight about what it means. When I came back out they were still there. My aunt is in the hospital. She has a special connection with nature spirits. I don’t know if this had anything to do with her but it felt good. The dragonflies were not in anyone else’s yard. They were only in our yard (over our garden). There are no ponds nearby so I don’t know what attracted them to our yard. A neighbor walked by and said they love to eat mosquitos. But we haven’t had many mosquitos this year. The dragonflies did not seem to notice me. But I was mesmerized by their presence. It felt like a blessing. I am so grateful for the divinity of nature.

    Comment by Betsy — 9/27/2011 @ 2:11 pm

  70. For the last 10 years dragonflies have come to me in the most unexpected away. Living in the City of Sydney Australia they are not common. I remember having a morning shower and a Dragonfly joining me. On telling my mother she said my Dragonfly obsession had to stop, till the next morning when I caught it and showed her. One day while contemplating would I ever find a partner I looked up and saw two Dragon Flies dancing under the street light. Not long after I met my husband. I was recently contemplating should I have a child when 3 Dragon Flies came towards my windscreen, well that was my answer. Last night on my own as my husband is away working a Dragonfly appeared in my lounge room. My friends never see them, but for me they always herald something special is going to happen and they are a real comfort. They are gentle nudge to stop me worrying, and I know it will be all ok. They are my little sign from God.

    Comment by Sonya — 12/11/2011 @ 5:51 am

  71. My visits from dragonflys started a few years ago…they would dance around me in my yard and follow my car. Last year the dragonflys seemed bigger for some reason, and just today, I had a giant dragonfly follow my car, and yet another giant dragonfly flying around me in my yard tonight. Apparently, the dragonflys are bigger because I am missing their message. I wish I knew what they were trying to tell me, but after reading these posts tonight, I will try to open my heart as well as my eyes to the message they are trying to deliver.

    Comment by Linda — 7/20/2012 @ 7:33 pm

  72. I came to look why there are so many dragonflys swarming my yard. They have been doing this for the last week around the same time and for about 2 to 3 hours. It is so amazing! The kids around the block are in awe and so is my daughter. Hope it happens to others, it really is mesmerizing!

    Comment by Dee — 7/21/2012 @ 2:23 pm

  73. I have been fascinated by dragonflies my entire life. A few years back one had died in the solar cover of my parents pool. I fished the poor thing out and spread it out on a table. As my young daughter and I were inspecting it’s beauty, although dead, my mother came out to see what we were up to. When I showed her how delicate and intricate this gorgeous creature was, she finally understood where I had been coming from for all of those years. The following August my mother passed away quite suddenly while I was on vacation, when I arrived back to the home I grew up in, the same evening as her passing, the front yard was filled with hundreds of these beautiful dragonflies. I will always believe that this was my mom telling me she was at peace and her sharing her love with me.

    Comment by Nicole — 7/14/2013 @ 3:16 pm

  74. I love it! I was at the beach with a bunch of moms I wasn’t too crazy about having to hang out with all day, when I saw hundreds of dragonflies flying over the grassy area of the beach :) I have gone to that beach my whole life & never seen so many dragon flies b4!!!! Well I asked the girls whataya think that means & 1 replied, there must be a lot of Mosquitos over there :( I thought no way it has to mean more than that I’ve never seen them like this b4. They paid no attention after that but I was mesmerized I watched them on & off that afternoon as much as I could but no1 else seemed to even notice them :( well after reading your explanation I am glad I took those moments to watch the dragonflies :) thanks :)

    Comment by Sally — 8/26/2014 @ 4:43 pm

  75. Tonight I went outside to set awhile and just happened to look up. There was a swarm of dragonflies right above me. I am not near any body of water. It was so strange so I looked it up and that is how I found this site. The stayed here for over an hour. It was from 7:30pm to 8:30pm There had to be over one hundred of them.

    Comment by Sandy — 9/3/2014 @ 7:02 pm

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