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Cooking En Masse

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I cooked a huge pot of Wagon Wheel Soup on Monday night. There were eight servings and I froze half of them and put the other half in the fridge. Oh yeah, I spilled one serving all over the floor and my left foot, scalding it. The dog was nice enough to help me clean up everything that hit the floor.

I like to cook huge batches of food and have lots of servings to bring for lunch. This soup was specifically made for lunches. I didn’t eat any Monday night. I saved a serving for Mike’s dinner, but I made it so that I would have something healthy and yummy to bring for lunch. I love having something to look forward to.

Cooking En Masse has its dangers, too. I can’t bear to look at another bowl of White Chili. It was delicious. It was healthy. My coworkers salivated at the microwave when I heated it up, but I never want to smell it again, much less eat it. Of course, a pot of that stuff was twelve servings, so I ate it every day for almost two weeks. I should cut the recipe in half next time.

For now, I’m still in love with Wagon Wheel Soup, but after I finish this batch, I should wait a couple of weeks until I make another.


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