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Speaking of the test of a true artist, major props to Something Positive and Queen of Wands. Since I’ve been sick, I have been reading web comics obsessively. I didn’t have the energy to do anything else when I was at home or work. I have read the entire archive of Something Positive, Queen of Wands, The Red String, and Questionable Content. All of them just make me want to start a web comic of my own.

Being completely unschooled in Manga or comic drawing in general doesn’t daunt me. The fact that I haven’t finished Looking for Christ does, though. So, I have an additional incentive to get cracking on the book because as soon as I finish it, I can start a web comic.

It doesn’t help that Cory Storm is thinking of starting a comic of his own with Chuck Perkins. Cory has major artistic talent and Chuck has intriguing sci-fi ideas, so whatever they produce will be totally cool. They haven’t done anything about it just yet, but it is all in the works.

More importantly, web comics are few and difficult to find. Typing romantic web comics into Google doesn’t produce any worthwhile results and I’ve only been able to find what I have by following links and adverts. I want there to be more web comics in the world, so I feel it is my duty to create one, even if it sucks.

Of course, all of that is on hold right now. I’m sick. I can’t even keep up on my weblog, much less add further commitments to my schedule. First, I’m going to get well. Then, I’m going to host the best Halloween party EVAR. Then, I’m going to finish my book. After I’ve got all that past me, I’m going to start a web comic. I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. Hey, you put the link back! Thanks!

    Personally, I agree with you (that we need more webcomics), and I like the idea that you’ll start one.

    Don’t worry about not having Manga skills, there are already enough Manga comics up.

    Have you checked out R.K. Millholland’s “New Gold Dreams”? It’s off to a promising start.

    One little piece of advice I can give you (besides the Absolute Law of webcomics: “UPDATE REGULARLY”) is to get good at using photoshop to color and shade. If you can do even a halfway good bit of lineart, photoshop can make it look great, using layers. I just learned how to use layers myself, and can point you to a really good tutorial a friend put up on his livejournal (taught me) if you’d like.

    Get well, and good luck.

    Comment by matt rosemier — 6/24/2005 @ 4:43 am

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