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Looking For Christ Audio: Chapter One

Filed under: Looking For Christ — Laura Moncur @ 11:52 pm

This audio track is MP3. It was recorded with MusicMatch (at 160 kbps) and I haven’t learned how to adjust the microphone level so that it’s loud enough to hear without cranking the volume up all the way. If it were meant to be perfect, then I would record it in a professional studio and the dog’s claws wouldn’t be clicking in the background.

Perfection is overrated…

Looking For Christ Audio: Chapter One Download

13 K file – 28 minutes 52 seconds


Mike put this track through Sound Forge, fixing the volume level a bit and removing the dull hum in the background. To speed the download process, we made them 64 kbps instead of 160 kbps. Since he fixed the volume and noise, we didn’t lose much by reducing the quality and it will download a lot faster. He can’t fix all the little speaking errors, however…


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