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I Figured Out Why I’ve Been Tired

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I’ve had trouble writing since December. At first I blamed it on writing for NaNoWriMo, but after a couple months, I felt like I should be over that. I finally realized why I’ve been tired and I feel like a fool for not noticing it earlier.

In December, I started writing for Starling Fitness. When I decided to take on another blog, I didn’t think it would be any big deal. I had been writing consistently for this weblog for over a year. I didn’t even conceive that adding Starling Fitness would be a burden.

Of course, Starling Fitness is a professional website. I’m required to write a post every day with a goal of fifty posts a month. That’s almost two posts a day. I’m not required to write a lot. I could just choose to link to another site and add a small comment, but I never do things halfway. I’m writing all out on Starling Fitness. I’m pouring out my soul and lecturing like my mother and grandmother never knew how. I’m giving it my all, baby.

I had no idea that when I agreed to write for Starling Fitness that I was essentially doubling my workload. Instead of writing one entry a day, I’m writing two entries a day. Even saying that now, it doesn’t sound like much until I realize that one of those posts is confronting deep-seated body issues. I’m delving into all the things that make me and my body the way that they are. Frankly, it’s kind of tiring.

So, I’m tired. And you know what? It’s ok. Right now, I’m learning to write consistently for two weblogs. It’s perfectly natural to be tired right now. I was so worried because I had no idea why I could barely keep up writing for Pick Me, much less think about writing any fiction. Now that I know why I’m tired, I feel better about it. I can accept it and work around it.

So, if I neglect writing here for a couple days, click on over to Starling Fitness and see what I have to say there. At least you know I’m still alive…


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