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Lake Mead

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Spontaneous. We’re always trying to be it because there is so little true spontaneity in our lives. When we found out that I was going to be sent home early on Thursday and that I would have Friday off, we decided to take a spontaneous trip to Lake Mead.

The packing was not a problem. I have camping down to a science with a checklist especially formulated to our type of camping and our equipment. I wasn’t having trouble with the packing. That took about two hours to get everything ready and into the Golf.

The car was not a problem either. Mike had just had the Golf inspected. He had the oil changed just a few weeks ago. The tires are new and the windshield wipers have been replaced. The car was just as ready to go camping as the equipment.

The dog wasn’t a problem either. We got him into Abraxas kennel with a quick phone call. “Hi, April. I’m wondering if there is room for Sid to stay there until Monday of next week.” “We always have room for Sid.” Even if they couldn’t take him, we could have brought him to Lake Mead with us.

The problem was me. It was so hard for me to be spontaneous. I felt like I was making a bad decision by deciding to just pick up and leave. I left the dirty dishes in the sink. I left the paperwork on the table. I left the dirty sheets on the bed. I left the laundry undone and waiting for me. All of those chores are still there for me, waiting. I felt guilty for leaving on the spur of the moment because I missed camping over the winter.

As it turned out, it was a great trip. We took a hike on a trail that we had never touched before. We set up camp in the dark and collapsed on our inflatable mattress. It was cold at night, but not nearly as cold as the Wasatch Mountains in the summer. Mike had some work to do, but he got online right there at the campsite and finished up his work for the weekend. This spontaneous thing might actually be a good idea.


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