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Boundaries Paradoxically Free Our Minds

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I’ve been writing so much for Starling Fitness that I feel that I don’t know how to write for anything else. I read blogs and try to glean something from them for Starling Fitness. It’s what I used to do for this weblog, but I haven’t quite mastered how to think for two subjects at once, especially since I can write about whatever I want here.

In the words of Mr. O’Neill, Daria’s English Teacher, “Sometimes boundaries paradoxically free our minds.” I have clearly defined boundaries for Starling Fitness. I have been hired to write about fitness, health, weight loss, and fitness gadgets. If it doesn’t fall into that category, it doesn’t go on Starling Fitness. Here, though, I have no boundaries. I can write about anything. So, when I see that it’s time to write an entry for this weblog, I sit looking at the empty page.

Or worse, write about not being able to write…


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  1. After reading some of your blog, I think that you and I are kindred spirits. I have a journal which mirrors your musing so much that it’s spooky.

    Comment by Anonymous — 4/23/2005 @ 7:10 pm

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