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I dreamt about Sceverenia’s house again last week. The house was for sale and vacant. I was trying to find what was left in the basement. I found some family pictures and I looked at myself next to all of them. I woke up with sleep paralysis again, unable to move and hallucinating Stinky Ghost trying to get into bed with me. In dreamland, I screamed at him, calling him a pervert and he ran into the kitchen, not going any further.

I’m bothered by this dream and it makes me think that something was left in her house. Sometimes I worry that the ghosts of her brothers or her father are trapped there. I emailed Scev and she said that she dreams about the house, but her dreams always involve yard work.

It’s for sale AGAIN: bank owned and vacant. God, I wish a good family would buy it. At least the bank is watering the lawn this time. It’s green and lush and in desperate need of mowing. Maybe I’ll ask a favor of my favorite realtor and have her show me the house. Maybe I’ll be able to collect whatever was left there.

Great… then I’ll have two ghosts following me around.


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