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What Has Happened To My Luxor Hotel?

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My heart is breaking. Ever since the first time Mike and I drove through Las Vegas and saw the Luxor Hotel being built, it has been my favorite Vegas spot. We have stayed there countless times. There was the time when Mike and I were sick and stayed in the hotel the entire stay. Unlike the time we were trapped by sickness at the Sahara, it was an alright trip. There was another time when we arrived at 3am to get a room. The only rooms they had left were on the second floor. Ours overlooked the swimming pool and it was a short walk to the parking lot.

The first time we saw The Blue Man Group was on a lark at another visit to the pyramid. I thought the management of the Luxor Hotel were geniuses because The Blue Man Group brought such a unique flavor to Las Vegas.

Mike and I were driving back from San Diego last weekend. I saw the billboard.

“Bluephoria! Yeah, Mike, that’s what The Blue Man Group was all about.”

Mike nodded and replied, “That billboard said The Venetian.”

“It did? Maybe they are starting another show at The Venetian.”

“Yeah, they could do that.”

Carrot Top at the Luxor HotelWhen we drove past The Luxor, however, all mention of The Blue Man Group was gone. Instead, we saw a billboard for Carrot Top. It was the same picture from when he visited the Utah State Fair. Luxor lost The Blue Man Group in order to get Carrot Top? Tell me it can’t be true…



  1. There’s something really wrong with that.

    Carrot top get’s creepier by the day and now he’s bumpin Blue Man Group out of their slot.

    somethin’ aint right, Laura.

    Comment by matt — 10/8/2005 @ 8:49 pm

  2. Blue Man Group’s initial contract with Luxor was five years. After that, other hotels start making offers. The Venetian offered to build them a brand new custom built theater and a lot more creative control (such as lobby design). Also, now ushers and retail staff are blue man employees, not hotel employees. The new theater is absolutely incredible and everything on the stage feels so much closer than it did at Luxor. The new material is great. I miss a couple of things that were taken out of the show but BY FAR everything about the new show blows the Luxor show away and all the cast and crew seem thrilled with it and the Venetian hotel has been extremely supportive and welcoming. It is the Venetian’s first ever big production show (and they will also have Phantom of the Opera next year).

    Luxor didn’t lose Blue Man for Carrot Top. They lost Blue Man because they couldn’t offer what the Venetian was able to. Carrot Top is just temporary. In February the main show at Luxor will be Hairspray.

    Comment by David — 10/13/2005 @ 8:08 pm

  3. David,

    Thanks for commenting on my weblog and clarifying the whole Blue Man thing. Reading your comment actually made me excited to see the new show! When we saw the show at the Luxor, we were seated in the far back right where the paper rolls are. It was such an experience looking out at the huge crowd passing the paper that started with us. It was amazing.

    I love the Blue Man Group and I love the Luxor Hotel. I thought they were matched perfectly. I kind of expected all of Vegas to start ripping the Luxor off with “Those Crazy Mute Green Men” or something. Instead, the Luxor lost out on the coolest show they have had to date. I guess we’ll be making a trip to the Ventian next time we’re down there.

    Thanks again, Laura Moncur

    Comment by Laura Moncur — 10/14/2005 @ 6:10 am

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