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Goodbye, Sugar House

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Mike and I were walking home from Noodles in Sugarhouse. We had both enjoyed a nice walk and a nice dinner when we passed the Salt Lake City Weekly box. It screamed, “Goodbye, Sugarhouse.”

After enjoying a nice meal at the complex that “some still think the end result a disaster,” I was a little angry. The article states that the new complex was the product of compromise and disappointment. It also states that it’s not walking friendly, which is what the residents of Sugarhouse want.

He’s right. The reason I love to live in Sugarhouse is because I can walk to so many places, but The Commons at Sugarhouse is NOT a disaster or a disappointment. What used to be there before? Spoons and Spice and several failed dance halls. Now, we have many stores and even more restaurants.

I know they’re scared that we’re going to lose Sugarhouse Coffee, Orion’s Music, The Blue Boutique and maybe even the oxygen bar. I don’t want to lose any of them either, but honestly, it’s not our decision to make. The guy who owns the land gets to make that decision. If he’s smart, he’ll keep the rent at a level where he can keep customers coming. If he’s not, he’ll learn soon enough.

Calm down, City Weekly. It’s not quite time to say goodbye to Sugarhouse. I actually resent the idea that we are so fragile a community. A new strip mall isn’t powerful enough to kill us.


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