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Create Your Own Shrunken Head From An Apple

Filed under: Halloween — Laura Moncur @ 5:00 am

This toy looks so cool. It’s just the kind of “creative” toy that my mom would have gotten for me as a kid. I wonder how I missed out on it.

If you’re feeling left out, this website gives you an idea of how to get started:

Of course, you will want your shrunken head to be gory and ugly. The Vincent Price set used a series of vinegar dips to give the shrunken head a more leathery and preserved feel, so you might want to substitute vinegar during step six. Don’t forget to sew the lips shut!

Good Luck and Happy Shrinking!

Via: Old Haunts – One of the all-time coolest Christmas gifts I ever got as a kid



  1. I personally love vintage toys. It’s fun finding the toys you had as a kid, or the ones you always wanted.

    Comment by Retro — 8/27/2007 @ 10:05 am

  2. Hey, I like this article. I do my make-up with the help of a toilet paper :D

    Comment by Avril Gilmore — 10/31/2007 @ 10:08 am

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