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Tasteful Birthday Cards To Download

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Vine Card from How about orange…

So many birthday cards that are available with Microsoft Publisher or even Apple Pages are garish and tacky. These are a little more tasteful:

I always print up my own birthday cards. It’s nice to see that other people do as well. I haven’t found a good greeting card from any of the companies for years and printing my own is the only option for me now.

I don’t want something sappy. I don’t want something that makes fun of how old you are. I especially don’t want something that uses Kai’s Power Goo on pictures of animals. I just want a nice tasteful card that says I’m glad you were born and I’m glad you’re still alive. Is that so much to ask?

Via: Craftzine – Downloadable Birthday Card

Twitter Log: 2007-05-01

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  • Saw a bear in Yellowstone today. Getting the video up on Starling Travel for tomorrow. #
  • Finished editing Yellowstone Bear footage and uploaded to Starling Travel. Check it out tomorrow morning. Sleep for now… #
  • Video I shot yesterday of a bear in Yellowstone: http://tinyurl.com/2dmepx #
  • Going mobile on Twitter today because I have coverage in West Yellowstone. #
  • Ordered a buffalo cheeseburger. Got a Philly cheesesteak. #
  • Spending money at West Yellowstone on things from India & China. #
  • Going to the Grizzly & Wolf Encounter Center. #
  • Bear sex at the Grizzly Center. #
  • @ marleigh Wish we were there with ya! Take good notes & share them at CodeAway. #
  • @ ThomAllen Sending good karma your way. #

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My New Green Cowboy Hat

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My New Green Cowboy Hat by Laura Moncur 05-01-07

Yesterday was Tuesday, so I took a self-portrait while I was in West Yellowstone. I saw these lime green cowboy hats in San Antonio, Texas last September. I wanted one, but I didn’t buy one. This time, I didn’t let the opportunity slide. My intention yesterday was that I was going to be the girl in the green cowboy hat all the time. Today, I’m thinking I might wear it again, someday…

Maybe next time I go to Texas…

WTF?! 09-f9-11-02-9d-74-e3-5b-d8-41-56-c5-63-56-88-c0

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Everyone has been posting this:


DVD DRM CensorshipIt looks like a secret code. I thought it might have something to do with Lost or Heroes or some other popular television show that I haven’t invested the time in yet.


It is the HD DVD DRM decryption code and the powers that be are trying to keep it hidden. So much so they are putting pressure on sites that are posting this code.

Sorry, folks. DVD DRM is wrong because it doesn’t allow me to play the movie I just bought on my iPod, cell phone or any other device that isn’t a DVD player. It only takes ONE person to crack your codes and the solution will spread.

You cannot silence us.

For more information:

Props to Schlomo for being the first to tell me about this:

Twitter Log: 2007-05-02

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  • Just wrote three awesome blog entries. I get excited when I think about them posting tomorrow! #
  • @ ThomAllen Thinking good thoughts about your daughter. Hope they do some good… #
  • Nighty, night, twitches… #
  • Just in case you need it, here is the DVD DRM decryption code: 09-f9-11-02-9d-74-e3-5b-d8-41-56-c5-63-56-88-c0 #
  • Now I’m scared I’ll get a cease and desist like the other sites did… #
  • We just passed Fort Hall, Idaho. Heading home… #
  • @ jensimmons Frackin’ lens cap! #
  • @ alizasherman Mmm… Donut… #
  • @ alizasherman Email me and I’ll tell you my 2 fav meditations that save me time. #
  • @ alizasherman Too much for 140 characters… #
  • I’m home… Salt Lake smells like rain and in Salt Lake, rain smells like dead brine shrimp. Ahh… home… #
  • @ libel_vox We go to Oregon in May… oops… it’s already May… #

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Rubik’s Cube Solution

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200705_25_03 - Cube by MyUtopian on FlickrI was looking at this website and I felt a soft and warm feeling flow over me. Ahh, Rubik’s Cube…

In 8th grade, I enjoyed a modicum of junior high fame because I could solve a Rubik’s Cube. My best time was somewhere around three minutes and I was so proud of it. People who wouldn’t deign to talk to me before, would furtively ask me to solve their cube. They would offer me money. They would be nice.

It was the first time in my life that someone was nice to me because I was smart.

I think the Rubik’s Cube was the first in a line of events that showed me that life as a Geek wasn’t so bad. Life as a Geek could alter the typical power structure. I always refused to do someone else’s homework, but I was perfectly willing to solve their Rubik’s Cube.

Via: Drink. Drive. Go To Jail. – Rubik’s Cube Goes Down

Twitter Log: 2007-05-03

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  • @ ellythompson I would LOVE to see a Harry Potter/StarGate mashup! That book cover could work for both! http://qurl.net/1D3 #
  • Came to the computer for a recipe. Answered email, read RSS, and still haven’t gotten the bloody recipe. What’s for breakfast! #
  • 22 adorable minutes on kittens that died before I was born: http://tinyurl.com/2yrw7n #
  • The official comment on the WTF? 09-F9 entry is: No comment… #
  • @ ThomAllen That’s why the WFR pics suck. They don’t care. #
  • Did you know that a cowboy hat can protect you from the rain?! Just found myself in a cloud burst strangely unaffected because of my fashion #
  • @ Chuckumentary I LOVE ELO. They were unrecognized and wrongly were discounted because of the Disco backlash. #
  • Writing blog entries and procrastinating picking up the dog at the kennel. West Jordan is so far away… #
  • @ ThomAllen Lucky thing you have your cowboy hat… #
  • Volunteering time for White Glove Tracking: http://www.whiteglovetracking.com #
  • Interesting Color Legends: http://tinyurl.com/259jer #
  • @ missrogue Las Vegas will do that to you. You walk A LOT more than you realize. #
  • I’m drained by this Wikipedia/Videoblog controversy and so is my cell phone battery. Bye, bye, twitches… #

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We Has Tribbles

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Charmin’ your wimmin!

If you like the Star Treks, go read this haxxor version of The Trouble With Tribbles:

I wouldn’t say that I was ROTFL or even LOL, but I kind of chuckled to myself…

Via: WWdN: In Exile: LOL Trek

Twitter Log: 2007-05-04

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  • @ ThomAllen Mike’s most excellent computer case is like that. #
  • Reading RSS #
  • Just paid for my seat at the Seth Godin event. #
  • Printing up journal pages. Every time I print I change them a little bit. I wonder if they’ll ever be perfect… #
  • I’m fasting so I can fix my poor upset stomach. Day 2 of the fast. Easier than I remember… #
  • Planning out all my events for May. The calendar is full. I think I’ll protect June and keep it empty. #
  • Writing blog entries. #

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Waiting For The Stranger To Sit

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What is art? This video brings to light the absurdity of art and the museum.

Via: Wooster Collective – Excuse me, is this a work of art?

Twitter Log: 2007-05-05

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  • Mike just finished with the re-design of my site. Check it out! http://laura.moncur.org/ #
  • Up, dressed, deleted the spam in the forum, no spam in the comments (thank you Akismet) and answered all my email! Starting on RSS… #
  • @jasonalba Read this entry: http://tinyurl.com/2zlt7f It’s right up your alley. #
  • @ missbhavens Are you kidding? Those look awesome! Okay… I need to stop fasting if fried butter balls are starting to look good… #
  • Going to Tokyo Sushi and grocery shopping afterward. I’m ending my fast with raw fish… #

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Twitter Log: 2007-05-06

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  • I’m up, answering email and reading Twitter. Didn’t sell turnips this week, so I don’t need to talk to Joan. #
  • Only 1 spam in the forum, 1 troll on Starling Fitness and no spam in my inbox! Thanks Gmail! #
  • Everyone else is asleep? No? Going to Spiderman III this morning with Mike, Stacey and Dan. Geek and Eat! Yeah! #
  • Getting in the shower. Hello marleigh & libel_vox. Where are the rest of the Twitches? At church maybe? #
  • Hello, Thom! I’m showered and we leave for Spiderman III in six minutes! I can’t believe I waited this long! #

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A Good Start To Your Day

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Cute OverloadIf I start my day out right, I end up happy all day long. From now on, the first thing I look at every morning is going to be Cute Overload:

I can get my morning dose of images that make me happy and soft before deleting the hard core porn spam from the forums and comments.

If you need some cuteness right now:

This kitty massage has been showing up on YouTube with music and voice overs, but here is the original footage.

The only disconcerting thing is that I keep pronouncing it, “Cute Overlord.” Can’t shake the image of a kitten dressed up as Darth Vader.

Site Redesign

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Just in case you’re reading this weblog on RSS, Mike completed a redesign of Pick Me! over the weekend. It looks lovely, yes?

The previous design was a three column layout that didn’t give me much room to post pictures. Plus, I was getting a little sick of the tiny lettering and other minor formatting problems that Pick Me! didn’t have compared to our other weblogs. Mike and I sat down and I pointed and grunted while he designed this great layout!

Check out my new Archives. Instead of listing EVERY SINGLE MONTH I’ve ever written posts, it lists the years that I have been writing. You can access a more detailed archives by clicking on any month. Mike did that! Excellent work!

I’m smiling now! Happy, happy! Joy, joy!

Twitter Log: 2007-05-07

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  • Been lazy this morning. Time to delete the spam… #
  • Finished some cleaning up of old Pick Me! entries. They ended showing up here as new posts… oops… #
  • @ ashbuckles They’re after you, Ash! Betta run, foo’! #

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B-Movie-Style Posters For A-Movies

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Back To The Future: INCEST! Click to see full size.In honor of Grindhouse and it’s B-Movie style posters, the folks in the Something Awful forums created this collection of B-Movie-style posters for A-Movies.

I think this Back To The Future entry by Reverend Cheddar is my favorite. Science! Incest! Rape Gangs! Jazz! When you look at it that way, it makes Back To The Future seem like a depraved piece of tripe instead of the… well, it’s not depraved, at least…

I wish all movies had alternate posters that looked like this for me. There are a lot of movies that I would probably see just to see if the posters were accurate or not. There were so many movies on this list that I hadn’t seen that I now kind of want to see, just because of the posters in this collection.

Via: WWdN: In Exile: grindhous’d movie posters

Twitter Log: 2007-05-08

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  • Email, comment spam and forum spam dealt with. Wrote three blog entries. Now, hitting RSS… #
  • Everyone welcome trishlawrence to Twitter! Hello, Trish! #
  • Sold Starling Fitness DVDs to a Cardiovascular Clinic in Mexico. They’ll show them to their patients on treadmills. #
  • Dinner at Robintinos. Meat meat meat pizza & a salad… Healthy… #
  • @ThomAllen 3900 S Highland. Good food. #

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Road To Nowhere By The Talking Heads

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Little Creatures at Amazon.comYou know when you listen to an album every day for months and then don’t listen to it again for twenty years. When you pick it up, it usually just feels kind of nostalgic, but mostly you think, “Man, this album kinda sucks…”

Yeah, that’s totally how I DIDN’T feel with Little Creatures by The Talking Heads.

I had originally bought this album on tape. I have no idea where that tape is now, so I spent some Christmas Amazon.com money on this album to replace it. It was one of those “I should really have this album in my collection – I liked it so much when I was a teen” moments. When it arrived, I put it on my iPod, but I didn’t bother to actually load up the album and listen to it all the way through.

Sure, I’m sick of songs like “Stay Up Late” and “And She Was,” but I had forgotten how much I liked “Give Me Back My Name” and “Road To Nowhere.”

Here is the video to Road To Nowhere:

So far ahead of their time that only now do I recognize the Mexican wrestler masks on the business suits. I understand now. Business is just entertainment, just like Mexican wrestling. It’s not any more real or honorable. How could I have not seen that when I was fifteen years old? Probably because I didn’t know it… well, that, and I had never seen a Mexican wrestler until about a year and a half ago…

Twitter Log: 2007-05-09

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  • Looking for homebrew Nintendo DS games. Anyone know? #
  • Just finished watching an episode of The Office on my Nintendo DS. Best app EVAR! #
  • @ justsomeguy I will totally show it off at CodeAway! I’m putting in the first Lost DVD right now. I’m kinda scared I’ll get addicted… #
  • Can’t tweet… Watching Lost… #
  • Thanks for the offer, Clint. Still watching Lost. I’ll be all caught up by CodeAway on Saturday. #
  • Time to eat. Haven’t eaten all day. When I’m finished, back to Lost. I love to be obsessed, but I kinda hate it at the same time… #

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Sun’s In My Eyes

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Sun’s In My Eyes by Laura Moncur 05-08-07

It doesn’t happen every morning. Some mornings, the sun is hiding behind the clouds. Some mornings, I’m hiding underneath the covers. Some mornings, I’m in another town. When it does happen, though, it’s mighty pretty.

When I was resizing this photo, I noticed St. Jude and Buddha to the right of my computer screen. It inspired me to take a bunch more photos and give you an update about them.

Twitter Log: 2007-05-10

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  • Just watched 2 more episodes of Lost while converting files for my DS. #
  • Wrote blog entries, deleted hard core porn from the forum, answered email. Should I look at RSS or should I just watch some more Lost? #
  • @ libel_vox Dude, this haircut is turning into a farce. I’m sure there’s a SuperClips right next door. Why don’t you try that? #
  • @ kitykity Yeah… RSS did win. Still reading. #
  • Can’t read any more RSS without going nutty. Gonna shower and try to get out of the house. #
  • Looking for Karaoke Revolution American Idol for the PS2 used. Don’t want to pay 40 bucks for it. #
  • GameStop smells worse than the comic book shop. No Karaoke Revolution for me… #
  • Got my mom girly golf balls for Mother’s Day. Pink, lime green, orange and yellow. #

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The Saints Confer

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The Saints Confer by Laura Moncur 05-08-07

When I worked as a secretary a few years ago, I wrote entries about St. Jude and Buddha. They sat at my desk, watching over me and I imagined what they would say about me:

The two of them sat with me at that desk until I unceremoniously forgot them when I was laid off. I told myself I didn’t care that I forgot them and I knew I wasn’t about to go back there to get them, so I wrote them off for good.

I was lying to myself because I felt a surge of joy when I found them left on my doorstep in a FedEx envelope. My former coworker brought them back to me and I was so grateful to her. I never thanked her. I guess I’m kind of a heel for that…

They were joined by St. Lucia:

She has been watching over me and guiding my words for a few years as well.

The trio sit on the windowsill in front of my desk. The other day, it looked as if they were conferring. I wonder what they say about me now…

St. Jude: She just keeps linking to other websites and including other people’s videos. Is that really writing?

St. Lucia: Not enough for me.

Buddha: Quit talking, you two! You make her look insane.

Baby Ducks at Stonehedge

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We took a quick drive through our old apartment complex, Stonehedge. The baby ducks are still in their fluffy and cute stage. This momma duck was pretty angry with me for daring to get close enough to take a picture.

Sometimes I miss living at Stonehedge. Sure we had to deal with the Elephant Man upstairs and there were five speed bumps to negotiate before we got to our parking spot and we had to take our laundry to the washers and dryers instead of being able to just do it at 3am in our house. There were baby ducks for my birthday every year, and doesn’t that really just make up for all of that?

Twitter Log: 2007-05-11

Filed under: Twitter Log — @ 11:59 pm
  • Trying out mobile Twitter on the Treo. #
  • @ ashbuckles Dale Ernhardt Jr. is leaving Dale Ernhardt Inc. and is going to race for another team. #
  • Why does this exist? http://catsinsinks.com/ And, where did the last half hour go? #
  • Watching My Name Is Earl. Laughing at, “How bad do you have to be to be passed over by a trailer park perv?” #
  • Up, email answered and spam deleted. Time to hit the RSS. #
  • My twitches are asleep? Am I all alone here? #
  • @ ThomAllen Get better, man. You’ve had that flu for too long. #
  • @ alizasherman Yes, we’re here. Just busy working… #
  • Still reading RSS. Engadget posts TOO much. I should just take them off my list… #
  • Success: Spend less than you earn. Talk less than you know. Love as much as you can. #
  • @ libel_vox I don’t know many bums that spend less than they earn, unless you consider panhandling “earning” money. #
  • @ hundreddollar “Talk less than you know” is harder for me to follow than the other two. When I’m nervous, my mouth takes over. #
  • @ libel_vox “Talking less than you know” means be a little humble and let other people talk as well. #
  • kitykity has been inspiring me all day long! Wrote a 3rd Gadgets Page entry today because of her. #
  • @ robertmerrill I think that counts as “bad naked.” #
  • Very productive day today. Time to clean the house for CodeAway. #
  • Going to dinner with Mike. Turning Twitter off. Bye, bye Twitches. #

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All I’d Get Is This Lousy Calendar?

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Knitting Pattern-a-Day Calendar at Amazon.comI got an email from the Knitting Pattern-a-Day Calendar people. They were holding a contest for their 2009 calendar. You can submit your pattern for the contest. Sounds pretty good, huh? Not really…

$500 will be awarded as First place for both calendars; there are also 2nd and 3rd place prizes; and all contributors whose patterns are used will receive a 2009 calendar.

So, out of 365 patterns in their calendar, they give one first prize of $500, an unmentioned second and third prize. Everybody else just gets a copy of the calendar. Does that sound like a good chance to you? I know I’m feeling uninspired to send my patterns to them. Quite frankly, I’m pretty unimpressed with the Crochet Pattern-a-Day Calendar I bought this year. I get more good ideas from the Craft Magazine blog and Etsy.

I have felt a resurgence of love for crochet, but it has nothing to do with major publishers. All my good ideas have come from looking at what other people are doing all over the world on the web. People have created some interesting and edgy ideas. Instead of crochet being the thing that grandmas do, it’s something young people do. We create iPod cozies, watch bands and even crazy little crocheted stuffed robots. It’s all new and exciting right now, but if I head into a Barnes and Noble to see if there is a new book, it’s all about the ponchos, doilies and ghastly sweaters.

Sorry, Accord Publishing, I’m not submitting my patterns to you. I’ll just give them away for free on the Internet.

Dinner at Hopper’s

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Couldn’t finish it. Probably shouldn’t have started it. Mike says their Nitro-Stout is a pretty good imitation of Guiness. Looks like a rootbeer float to me. You get a bad surprise if you taste it. That’s not a rootbeer float AT ALL.


How I Want Harry Potter To End

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at Amazon.comIn July, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows comes out and ends the series. I’ve been reading the series religiously for years and I have a very specific ending that I would like to see.

If you haven’t read all the books and don’t want certain things spoiled, stop reading now.

Sybil Trelawney predicted that one of two children would bring an end to Lord Voldemort: Harry Potter or Neville Longbottom. Voldemort attacked both parents, killing Harry’s and driving Neville’s mad with pain. Unlike many blood seekers out there, I don’t want to see Harry Potter die, but I really don’t want to see him defeat Voldemort either. I want Neville to do it. Underestimated from the beginning and the butt of so many jokes that even he believes that he’s almost a squib, I’d love to see Voldemort come to an end at the hands of Neville Longbottom.

Parents who are dead are dead. Parents who have been driven mad by constant and unceasing pain and have been that way for 17 years beg for avenging. I just want Neville to finish off Voldemort.

I also would like some sort of vindication for Snape. I refuse to believe that he is evil, despite the death of Dumbledore. Some aching part of me wants Dumbledore to return, just as Gandolf returned. The “death” was all just a ruse to combat Voldemort and Snape was in on it the whole time. I’d like to see that, too, but I realize that would be a cop-out. Some people are just bad eggs and I guess I need to accept that.

I’m excited about the book and once it comes out, will file it in the Harry Potter canon in my mind. For now, however, the story is open. It could end in any number of ways and all of them are open and stretched out before me. Once I finish the book, all those untaken paths will be closed to me, whether I want to walk down them or not.


Find The Grammatical Errors

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Find The Grammatical Errors from Flickr

Someone corrected one of the errors, but there are at least two others. Mike says that seeing grammar corrected signs gives him hope in humanity. I think the company that printed the sign should be sued. How could they let it go out the door with three grammatical errors?


What I’ll Do For Wireless

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“Umm… The sign said this motel has wireless… is there a code or something?”

I didn’t see a wireless signal that looked like it might belong to Travelodge, but I thought I’d ask.

“Sure! Let me tell you the code. Do you have a piece of paper?” she happily responded.

I wrote down the code and tried it on the wireless signal called “max,” but it didn’t work. Then, Mike took the laptop out of the room and walked down the balcony toward the office.

“Got it!” he screamed.

He walked back to our room, “Lost it…”

We gathered up the computers and our room keys and went back to the office.

“We can’t get the wireless signal in our room.” I placed the keycards on the counter.

“Didn’t the code work?” She was genuinely nice and helpful.

“Yeah, the code works. We can get it if we walk down the balcony a bit, but we just can’t get it in our room.”

“I don’t mind if you work here.”

What I wanted to say was, “That ain’t gonna happen, missy! We gotta work and I ain’t stayin’ in another crappy place without wireless. I just spent a freakin’ week in an overpriced hotel in Anaheim that said it had wireless and never once was I able to get online. Sure, I can use my cell phone, but I would rather check out than get online with my cell phone tonight! GRRR!”

All I did, however, was shake my head and say, “We have to work.” It sounded totally rude, but that was all I could do without going medieval on her.

“Well, I have room 29… but…”

She hesitated, but I was all on it. “Mike, walk over to room 29 and see if you can get a signal there.”

Before he could leave, she interceded, “…but it’s a teddy bear room.”

Mike’s face lit up, “Alright! A teddy bear room!”

While he headed out to check the signal, she tried to reason with me, “It’s not like there are any actual stuffed animals in the room, it’s just…”

I knew what she was talking about. Jay and Ryanne had encountered a Travelodge Teddy Bear room in Reno during their move to San Francisco. I knew exactly what she was talking about.

“I don’t care what the bedspreads look like as long as I can get online.”

The Teddy Bear Room at the Travelodge

On our drive back home, we’re asking for the Travelodge Teddy Bear Room.


Twitter Log: 05-11-07 to 05-18-07

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My Twitter Tools plugin hasn’t been able to do my Twitter Log in a while, so I’m doing this one by hand. I wonder if the plugin broke, Twitter broke, or just weirdness. If I had to bet, it would be on a broken Twitter…

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Marleigh’s iPod Cozy

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Marleigh’s iPod Cozy

Hope she likes it…


Look What I Learned To Do

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Last night, I learned how to crochet jewelry. I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but then I found Beaded Beauties at Michael’s Arts and Crafts on how to do it.

Bracelet and earrings

Bracelet on my wrist

Bracelet to match Marleigh’s iPod cozy

I like to think that I invented this on my own, but there is no way I would have learned how to weave it together on my own. I was planning on using some sort of toggle or fastener. That book was very helpful.


My Significant Other

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Molly writes about whether her next significant other should be into technology or not.

She says:

“I’ve always had SO’s in my life who were at least somewhat interested in what I did. But maybe that isn’t the best focus. Maybe I should be taking a closer look at the curly haired handsome and affectionate chef who wants to open his own restaurant in the Yucatan but could care less about the Web related services he’ll need?”

Mike and I have been together for 17 years. Before we were married, we geeked together since third grade. The idea of a spouse who isn’t married to my technology as well as me is so foreign that I can’t even imagine it. Sure, he is my technological superior and I have to be brought into new systems kicking and screaming at times, but technology is so intertwined with our marriage that I cannot distinguish where one ends and the other begins.

Sometimes I feel like we have a whole array of children. Some of them, Mike gave birth to, like The Quotations Page. He started that one on his own. Sure, I supported it, even when the costs to keep the server running were outweighing the meager income it brought in, but he gave birth to that one on his own.

Pick Me! was my child. I walked into his office and demanded a weblog. He created one for me, but my daily writing and my vision for it was my own.

Starling Fitness, Starling Travel and The Gadgets Page have been children that we both planned for and conceived equally.

All of our websites feel like children to me. Some of them are even getting old enough to support themselves, but unlike real children, they will never be self-sufficient. With no human children to pass the “family business” on to, what will happen to the family business?

Who will take care of our children when we are gone?



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Visit Merriton: Twelve Hours From San Francisco

I am starting a fiction weblog about a town named Merriton that is twelve hours away from San Francisco. It is updated every Wednesday and you can see the first entry here:

My trip was VERY refreshing and I am finally able to write fiction again. Please enjoy!


Twitter Log 05-18-07 to 05-25-07

Filed under: Twitter Log — Laura Moncur @ 8:32 am

I find that I’m using Twitter less and less because it’s not reliable. I get messages out of order, so it can’t be a conversation. Sometimes the web doesn’t show messages that show up on my phone. I like the service. I really want it to succeed, but I find myself using it less.

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Brute Force Redundancy and Entropic Distribution

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John T. Unger is an artist who specializes in large metal sculptures. His work is beautiful and requires the use of a tape measure regularly. Unfortunately, he always finds himself without one. Here is his solution:

I solved that problem yesterday using a new strategy I’m calling “brute force redundancy.” I went to the dollar store and bought six tape measures and plan to let entropy distribute them to the places they are most likely to be used.

Funny thing is, I did the same thing with scissors, but it wasn’t a conscious decision like John’s. I bought a six pack of scissors at Costco. At first, they were all in their package. Then, one by one, they were distributed to the places they were needed most: the kitchen, my desk, Mike’s desk, with my arts & crafts, and in the sewing box.

Thank you for giving it a name, John: Brute Force Redundancy!


God, I Miss The 80’s

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This old school video was made by Galaticast for Spacesh!t. I wish more indie bands would get together with vloggers to create videos. The world would be a better place.


Twitter Log: 05-25-07 to 05-30-07

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We’ve had a busy couple of days. When I get busy, I neglect everything. (Continue Reading…)

Taking Linda to the Vet

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We are at the vet. They squeezed us in at 3:45 pm and now we’re waiting in the exam room. A dog is whining in the other room. Linda is happy to stay in her box. Bad mojo, man, bad mojo…

On a side note, I’m continually amazed at how good a photo I can get with the dime-sized lens on my Treo.


Goodbye, Lime Green

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I had no idea that my sense of self had been so wrapped up in the color of my car.

Waiting In The Beetle by Laura Moncur 02-18-06

We bought a Toyota Prius last Friday and we HAD to turn in the Beetle to do it. Of course, I could have chosen to keep the Beetle, but it had been a lemon since we bought it. I’ve talked about the problems with the Beetle many times, but I summed it up perfectly here: Y2K Bug.

Driving to Las Vegas by Laura Moncur 01-05-07

Thing is, the dealership paid us twice in trade-in for the Beetle than I think I could have gotten from a human being. Considering that the Check Engine light and the Airbag light were on (and have been since I bought the thing) AND the windshield was cracked AND I had over 94,000 miles on it, I can’t believe how much we got for the Beetle. I would worry that we got ripped off on the price, but according to the forums, we got an amazing price on the Prius. Since our lending was through our credit union and we got an amazing interest rate, we won all around.

Why am I grieving?

Condensation by Laura Moncur 04-06-06

All weekend, I saw the lime green things that I have collected over the last eight years and realized that I had bonded with the color of the car far more than I ever realized.

I am not my car. I am not my job. I am not my clothing.

How many times do I have to learn this lesson?

Do You Think I'll Have To Scrape The Car? by Laura Moncur 01-20-06

The Beetle was a piece of junk, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t love it. It was an abusive relationship from the beginning and I don’t know how much money I spent trying to fix all of its problems. But, damn… I loved that car.

Sun’s In My Eyes by Laura Moncur 05-08-07

I am not my car, but maybe I’m my iPod…I’ve decided that I have to get rid of the lime green in my life. That’s kind of a difficult decision since I have integrated it into EVERYTHING in my life, including the design for this weblog.

If I’m not my car, maybe I’m my iPod.

I think I’ll be a red girl now…

Update: As All About George says: This is a red alert!

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