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Twitter Log: 2007-05-11

Filed under: Twitter Log — @ 11:59 pm
  • Trying out mobile Twitter on the Treo. #
  • @ ashbuckles Dale Ernhardt Jr. is leaving Dale Ernhardt Inc. and is going to race for another team. #
  • Why does this exist? http://catsinsinks.com/ And, where did the last half hour go? #
  • Watching My Name Is Earl. Laughing at, “How bad do you have to be to be passed over by a trailer park perv?” #
  • Up, email answered and spam deleted. Time to hit the RSS. #
  • My twitches are asleep? Am I all alone here? #
  • @ ThomAllen Get better, man. You’ve had that flu for too long. #
  • @ alizasherman Yes, we’re here. Just busy working… #
  • Still reading RSS. Engadget posts TOO much. I should just take them off my list… #
  • Success: Spend less than you earn. Talk less than you know. Love as much as you can. #
  • @ libel_vox I don’t know many bums that spend less than they earn, unless you consider panhandling “earning” money. #
  • @ hundreddollar “Talk less than you know” is harder for me to follow than the other two. When I’m nervous, my mouth takes over. #
  • @ libel_vox “Talking less than you know” means be a little humble and let other people talk as well. #
  • kitykity has been inspiring me all day long! Wrote a 3rd Gadgets Page entry today because of her. #
  • @ robertmerrill I think that counts as “bad naked.” #
  • Very productive day today. Time to clean the house for CodeAway. #
  • Going to dinner with Mike. Turning Twitter off. Bye, bye Twitches. #

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