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Lumiere: The Mailman Comes

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Sid is usually such a calm dog, but he has one nemesis.

For More Information:



Salt Lake Graffiti

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Salt Lake Graffiti

Our graffiti isn’t as inventive as the stuff you’ll see on the Wooster Collective, but I like to see it anyway. It makes Salt Lake feel like a REAL city to me as much as our Traxx system and our library.

Keep up the damage, kids! Maybe we’ll get a Fry’s here as well as the IKEA.



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It’s summer. When it gets this hot, I sweat more than I do in the winter. Sweat makes makeup go away, so I’m not even bothering to put on face makeup right now. Since I’m running in the sun every weekday, I’m getting pretty tan.

I don’t believe all those cancer people. I think the sun is good for my skin. I break out less. I look better. Maybe the sun is bad for people who have less Italian blood running through their veins, but I think my body was made for the sun.

It heals me in ways I can’t describe.

This photo is from the building where The Salt Lake Costume Company used to reside. They took down a facade and these letters were revealed. It looks like the building is being rented by someone, but they haven’t opened for business for almost two years. They are just slowly building kitchen displays under my watchful eye.

Now, they’ve removed the facade to reveal long ago covered letters.

I know it’s wrong to covet, but I want that building. I want the building and I want the neon sign. As of now, they are relatively unharmed, but that won’t last for long, I fear.


4th Happy of July!

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4th Happy of July!

Sterling Furniture is a fixture of the Sugarhouse area. Impervious to the now defunct Granite Furniture and the Utah monolith, R.C. Willey, Sterling Furniture has been on the corner of Highland and 2100 South for as long as I remember.

They still make their advertisements “grocers” style by handwriting letters on butcher paper.

Unfortunately, they didn’t hire a designer to do it…


Happy Birthday, Mom!

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I love this photo of my mom as a child.

August 1957

It’s my mom’s birthday today.

She’s a private person. She’s so private that just me saying here that she’s a private person has probably embarrassed her beyond any embarrassment I have ever felt in my life. Because of this, I never talk about my mom on this blog, so you might get the impression that we don’t get along or that maybe my mom doesn’t play a part in my life at all.

That’s not the case.

August 2005

This is the best photo I have ever taken of my mom. She let me take as many photos as I wanted while she played on the swing. We went to a camping site called Camelot back in August of 2005. I took lots of photos and she followed me around until we walked into a swarm of mosquitoes. She was bit about fifteen times and she let me put Benadryl cream on the red welts. Even though we were itchy it was a good memory.

October 2005

She married this guy a few years ago.We all just call him Reed. I’m so glad she married him. I didn’t know how much I needed a daddy until the day he showed up at my house with his lawn mower in his pickup. Our lawn mower had broken and the company I had hired to take care of the lawn wasn’t able to come for another week. He mowed my lawn; wouldn’t even let me do it myself. I never had the kind of dad who would do something like that for me before.

Happy birthday, Mom!

I’m sorry I’ve embarrassed you so much, but I couldn’t let another birthday go by without the world knowing how important you are to me.

Twitter Log: 2007-07-05

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  • Good morning, Twitches! I’m back after a week’s vacation from Twitter to find that Twitterific isn’t working. Any suggestions? #
  • Adium seems to be working fine, so I’m using that instead. Takes up less space, too. #
  • Laid in the sun for 30 minutes. Sweating too much to think, now. Thank Zod for my swamp cooler. #
  • Just finished my run. Treadmill said 1.90 miles, but Nike+ only said 1.75. Gotta believe the Nike+. It’s the only one that will keep track. #
  • @ ThomAllen We can’t direct message anymore? #
  • Ah… You had me scared there for a minute… #
  • Going to lunch with an old friend from high school. Last minute change in venue complicates my eating. #
  • Waiting at Robintinos for Dawni. #
  • Back from lunch. It was a good visit. I needed a good visit with an old friend. #
  • Where is everyone? I take a week off and everybody else splits too? #
  • @ ThomAllen We did have a good lunch. New friends are great, but they are so different than old friends. #
  • @ ThomAllen Good, of course. #
  • Just finished reading RSS. #
  • Think I should wake up Mike? He’s sleeping a little later than normal. I’m going to see… #
  • @ mrdonut We see you loud and clear! Jealous as hell! #

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Gift Boxes Made From Cereal Boxes

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Note to self: eat more cereal so I can make cool boxes like this:

The only issue I have is once the box is opened, Cap’n Crunch’s face is staring at them. Maybe I can spray paint the inside so it isn’t so glaring…

Via: Craftzine.com blog: HOW TO – Turn Cereal Boxes into Gift Boxes

MAKE: Halloween Special Edition

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Note to self: Order this!

Twitter Log: 2007-07-06

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  • Heading to Cottonwood Mall to eat at the food court. #
  • Holy Schmoly! Cottonwood Mall is DEFUNCT! Empty except the mall walkers. #
  • To Fashion Place Mall instead. I wonder what haapened to Cottonwood Mall. #
  • @ jensimmons Sid barked all night last night. Slept all day. I felt like waking him up for revenge, but the fireworks weren’t his fault. #
  • @ tehlaser Are you coming to CodeAway this month? http://voxpopdesign.com/wordpress/ #
  • @ missbhavens Too tame to even answer without shame. #
  • @ lisawilliams Wow… Those photos looked just like Cottonwood Mall. So many stores gone with no signs explaining the vacancy. #
  • Going to bed. Nighty, night, Twitches! #
  • I’ve been up for hours, but forgot to log onto Twitter. Hello, Twitches! #
  • @ jensimmons Yes. You’re still working hard and your butt is going to be sore afterward from sitting so long. #
  • @ michaelverdi It’s not Twitterific’s fault. I’m having the same trouble with IM support. #
  • @ DavidHowell Honestly neither has SMS and Twitter. I’m still waiting for them to work out the bugs. #
  • @ MediaJoltz It has been pretty quiet. Good to hear from you. #
  • Just finished reading RSS. I’ve been procrastinating my run. No more. See ya soon.! #
  • Okay, check the forums for spam and THEN I’ll go for a run #
  • That didn’t take long. OK, I guess I’m going on my run now. Don’t know why I’m procrastinating… #
  • Finished with my run. Recovering with my dear friend, the computer. #
  • Very hungry now. #
  • Watching Pride & Prejudice while eating lunch. The one with Keira Knightly. #
  • I just watched the WORST version of Pride & Prejudice ever, and I’ve seen the Lawrence Olivier version. #
  • @ tehlaser Donald Sutherland and Judy Dench were good… #
  • @ marleigh The one with Keira Knightly. #
  • @ marleigh Watching V for Vendetta to get the taste out of my mouth. #
  • @ marleigh Better acting so far, even counting Natalie Portman’s “British” accent. #
  • @ ThomAllen CodeAway is July 28th 1-5pm This month. Planned it after the festivities. #
  • V for Vendetta was awesome! Heading for a movie trifeca with Stacey & Dan. Rattatoiuille! #

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Self Portrait: Reading RSS

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Reading RSS

I know it’s not Self Portrait Tuesday, but I thought I’d post this one. I accidentally loaded PhotoBooth instead of a different program while I was reading my RSS. When I saw how pretty the blinds were cutting the light across my face, I took a few photos.

Of course, I played with it in Photoshop afterwards to adjust the levels and make it a little softer.

Twitter Log: 2007-07-07

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  • Good morning, Twitches! I’m rested and ready to conquer the day! #
  • @ ruperthowe Don’t worry about the link love. The Internet was made to heal itself. It will learn where you are now. #
  • Sitting outside and writing in my offline journal. Gotta enjoy the outdoors before they get so hot that my lungs are sucked out of my body. #
  • @ ThomAllen Oohrah! #
  • House cleaning time. The clutter is makin me crazy! #
  • Okay, I watch ANOTHER movie instead of house cleaning. I’m REALLY gonna clean now. Really, I am… #

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Pervy Statuary At The Dog Park

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Statue at Herman Frank's ParkThis is a picture of a statue at Herman Frank’s Park in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Am I the only one who looks at that statue and sees a man getting a little too close to a child? Why is he straddling the boy?

Mike says I’m nuts for thinking that this statue is pervy. Am I? Am I the pervert for thinking that statue is sick and wrong? To me, it doesn’t really look like an endearing portrayal of baseball, even if the bat hadn’t been broken off years ago. To me, it looks like a recruitment poster for pedophiles.

What do you think?

Twitter Log: 2007-07-08

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  • Good morning. Finished with RSS and email. Checking the forums for spam. #
  • No spam in the forums for 7 days. I think Mike found a way to keep them at bay. For now… #
  • My squeaky mouse makes me want to throw it across the room. Heard rumors of a new Apple mouse. Waiting for that one. #
  • Nighty, night missbhavens. #
  • Sitting outside so I can enjoy the outdoors before it becomes intolerably hot. #
  • @ ThomAllen Good morning back atcha! The sun has just found it’s way from behind my house. #
  • @ robparrish New designer drug. Makes it sound like a handbag… #
  • Bye bye cherylcolan #

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Bows For Presents

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Note to self, stop buying those crushed bows for presents and make my own.

I just need to have lot of ribbon around the the house…

Strike that.

I tried making one out of curling ribbon and it looks like…

This is NOT a bow!

curling ribbon…

Twitter Log: 2007-07-09

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  • So many of my Twitter friends have gone strangely quiet. Are they in trouble or is Twitter no longer cool. I hope for the latter. #
  • @ ashbuckles I took a look at it. I’m obviously NOT the target market. Sure glad you’re willing to do that stuff. #
  • Nighty, night, Twitches. #
  • @ alizasherman The reason why Twitter is so popular is because it can be used for so many different things. #
  • @ DavidHowell Sorry, buddy. It’s cubby hell for you. #
  • @ DavidHowell If you #
  • @ DavidHowell are anything like me, you’ll miss corporate America more than you’ll want to admit. #
  • @ DavidHowell I’ll try not to take that as an insult. #
  • Tried to work outside, but it’s too bloody hot, even in the shade. Heading back in to hide with the A/C. #
  • @ robparrish We use the Western Digital iBooks. Don’t get the 1TB, though. Only go as high as the 750GB. #

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Desk Drama

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I got a new desk at IKEA. I disconnected my computer and shut everything down to get my old desk out of the way. Once I had room to put together my new desk, I opened those aromatic hydro-carbon scented boxes to find my long-awaited desk to be damaged by a forklift.

Now I’m waiting in line at IKEA to exchange it. I’m number 357.

Twitter Log: 2007-07-10

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  • Good morning, Twitches! Desk drama has me working from the kitchen table this morning on battery power. Gotta fix this! #
  • Finished exercising. I need to get in the shower and get my desk put together so I can get some work done. #
  • @ ThomAllen Loved your video! I could almost smell the burgers cooking! #
  • Waiting at IKEA to fix the desk drama. Freakin’ forklifts… #

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Happy 7-11 Day!

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I was tucking Mike into bed this morning. I hadn’t dressed for the morning yet, and Mike was just going to bed, so exhausted he didn’t even realize it. I looked at my watch.

“Mike, it’s 7-11 day today. Do you want to throw on some clothes and go celebrate in about…”

I tried to calculate how many minutes 7:11 am was. My watch said 6:54.

“…12 minutes?” Okay, so I’m lousy at clock math.

Mike turned over, tucking into the fetal position.

“It’s not as fun now that they are celebrating it.”

“Okay, well, happy 7-11 Day.”

He was already asleep.

To read about how we used to celebrate 7-11 Day, read here:

Ironically, since we’ve bought the Prius, we have been looking for excuses to go for a drive in it and going “swigging” is the easiest to think of. We’ve probably been to 7-11 more in the last month than the previous year. Not this morning, though.

Twitter Log: 2007-07-11

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  • Good morning, all! Can I hear a shout? #
  • Happy 7-11 Day! http://tinyurl.com/2ynn9w #
  • @ matto Thanks, buddy. You’re the only one who answered! :) #
  • @ kitykity Go early before the store gets decimated by the crowds. #
  • @ jasonalba Didn’t know you had a personal blog. Guess I got some readin’ to do… #
  • @ msjen ?! #
  • @ nicolelee Me too! The Wii Fit is the only viable replacement for Yourself Fitness I’ve ever seen. #
  • One unit past my goal. I’m done working for today. Now, I’ll try to get my desk in working shape. #
  • Completed some organizing. I’m not finished, but the house looks MUCH better. #
  • Babysitting my nieces tonight. #

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Linda’s New Hiding Place

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Linda's New Hiding Place

Ever since the desk drama, I’ve been trying to find a place for this storage unit. I put it in a disputed spot. I thought it was okay there. Mike didn’t want it there.

Last night, Linda made the decision for us. It stays.

Twitter Log: 2007-07-12

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  • Good morning, Twitches! Got a slow start today, but I’m here now! #
  • @ matto You didn’t get dissed. They just didn #
  • @ matto didn’t hate the NYT article. Disagreeing is NOT dissing. #
  • Smart Car FINALLY in USA in 2008. Reserve one for $99: http://www.smartusa.com/ #
  • @ marleigh WOW! That took a long time! I had no idea it would take so long. Have fun at the Farmer’s Market! #
  • Writing blog entries. Done with email, RSS and spam checking. #
  • @ DavidHowell Okay, I lied, you’re NOT going to miss Corporate America at all. #
  • @ jaydedman I would teleport to the local 7-11 for a 32 oz. soda. #
  • @ missbhavens Don’t be dissin’ Christopher Cross! He’s my homeboy! #
  • @ missbhavens It’s not Christopher Cross’ fault that Verizon is using him for EVIL… #
  • @ The Hair Song: Bejeebus! My hair got so long because I forgot to cut it. Ain’t no message with me… #
  • @ Schlomo Squeaky! #

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Friday the 13th: Stream of Consciousness

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I noticed that this month we have a Friday the 13th. I feel like I should write something about it. All that unlucky stuff, you know, try to keep the weblog current.

The garbage truck just picked up the recycling. I had stuffed all the IKEA boxes in the recycling bin and I was worried that they wouldn’t come out of the bin or that the garbage men wouldn’t take them at all. Instead, it all fell into the big crusher just fine.

I have been increasing my running and weight training. I only exercise Monday through Friday, so I am almost done for this week. My muscles ache all week and I rest on the weekends. Putting the desk together was physically taxing as well, so I’ve been living on ibuprofen. I’m looking forward to this weekend because I can just rest.

I have been eating a special diet of rice, white bread and oatmeal to keep my stomach pain at bay. It’s not considered healthy by any nutritional organization, yet, I’ve felt better than I have for months. The acidophilus stopped working, so my intense stomach pain came back. Dairy, fat (even healthy oils), artificial sweeteners or fats, and most meats are off limits right now. I feel like I should feel restricted, but my stomach feels so much better that I’m happy. The only problem is when I eat these restricted foods, it takes two days for the pain to hit me (it has to get through my system). The pub food I ate on Sunday doubled me over on Tuesday. The vodka sauce I had on Monday hit me on Wednesday. No pain today because I ate nothing but bread, oatmeal and rice on Wednesday. Yeah for me!

My cat, Linda, is dying of kidney failure. Gotta poke her and inject fluids under her skin today so that she doesn’t get dehydrated. At least she has her appetite. She’s eating the KD food just fine. I got a couple of cute pictures of her a few days ago. I’m trying to enjoy her while she’s still here.

Lucky? Unlucky? Man, I don’t know what that means anymore.


Desk Drama Diverted

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Desk Drama DivertedMy work schedule is finally back to normal now that I have the desk put together and in working order. I have a bunch of junk to either write about or dispose of. I’m going to take a day, put it in a stack and just write all day to get rid of it. Other than that, this set up is working much better than the standing desk I had and the vanity that I had working in a pinch.

On another note, that chair, is a back saver. When I was in high school, the desks were perfect if my back was hurt a bit. I could lean back and they would pop my back in the exactly right spot. This Jules Chair from IKEA is exactly the same. If I had known that, I would have bought one years ago when I first saw them in an IKEA in San Diego. Instead of back issues, I bought this chair because it’s pretty and simple. Lucky me, it’s a great chair as well. I’m tempted to buy an entire set for the kitchen. At $50 apiece, they cost half of our current chairs and are much more comfortable.

A special thank you to Michael, who helped me put the desk together, fixed things when I screwed up and put the wrong cams in the wrong places and made me go to bed when I was so tired I didn’t know it. Also, thank you, Michael for putting Chicken of the VNC on my Mac, so I could use it to control my HP computer. I only use the PC to test things and burn the Starling Fitness DVDs, but those are two important things, so I couldn’t sacrifice the PC. Fortunately, Mike made it easy for me! Thanks, babe!

Twitter Log: 2007-07-14

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  • Good morning, Twitches! I’m awake… barely… #
  • @ jensimmons I tried it. What was supposed to happen? #
  • @ kitykity Is there a video conference on other days? #
  • I’m going to Maverick for some frozen yogurt. It’s the only place in SLC where I can get it anymore. #
  • @ jensimmons But then your clone goes and commits crimes and you have no way of proving that it wasn’t you. #

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Self Portrait: Cleaning The Lens

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Click here to see the video

Download this video for your iPod

You have to turn on the camera to clean the lens. You don’t have to inadvertently push the start button and record the whole process.

Twitter Log: 2007-07-15

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  • I have left Twitter for a couple of days out of sheer forgetfulness. #
  • I’m bored and it’s too early to wake up Mike. Is there anyone out there? #
  • @ libel_vox Thanks, Matt. Sundays are really quiet. #
  • @ libel_vox Don’t get sunburned and drink plenty of water. The heat is hellacious out there. #
  • @ ashbuckles Matt is golfing in South Dakota. I am bored because Mike is asleep. Sending good karma on your way for the Think Pink project. #

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How To Make Your Own Journal

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My journal

I’m particular about my handwritten journals. I create my own pages on Excel and print them up and bind them using a comb binding system. All that so I can write my thoughts offline every day. If you would like to print up your own journal, here is where you can get started.

Create your journal pages with Microsoft Excel (or Open Office Spreadsheets)

I have been using Excel to make my journal pages for years. I prefer my journal pages to be 5 1/2″ X 8 1/2″, but you can make them any size you choose. Here is a template for my journal pages:

Now, you’ll have to format these pages to your liking and to work with your printer, but they are a good start. You print them on one side of an 8 1/2″ X 11″ page, and then reprint them on the other side for double sided sheets. One cut down the middle of the paper and they are ready.

Binding with a comb binder

CombBind C75 Comb Binding System at Amazon.comMike and I bought an inexpensive comb binder about seven years ago. I have broken it in so many ways, but it still does the job I need it to. They don’t make the one we bought, but this one looks very similar to ours and maybe a little more sturdy: CombBind C75 Comb Binding System at Amazon.com.

Additionally, Office Max, Office Depot, Kinkos and a few other copy shops have comb binders that they will allow you to use for no charge. You could print up a year’s worth of pages and punch them all without having to invest in the binding system.

When you are punching the holes in a 5 1/2″ X 8 1/2″ sheet of paper, you have to position it carefully so you don’t end up with a half a hole at the top or bottom. It’s different for every machine and you’ll probably sacrifice a few sheets learning. Once you know how to use your machine, though, you’ll be able to do it without thinking.


The cover is a lot more complicated. You want something firm enough to write with, but not so bulky that it takes up a lot of space. I usually just use the binder covers you can buy from the office supply stores for the front and back and then sacrifice the back of a legal pad for stiffness. I put the cardboard backing between the pages and the back cover.


My journal is just a boring black. I kind of like to think that my words are enough to make my journal interesting. Of course, my journals are filled with the most boring tripe you’ve ever read in your life, so maybe that isn’t the best justification. If you want to make yourself pretty journals to match your beautiful words, here’s a tutorial:

I think I’ll just stick with my boring journals. They don’t attract much attention, but they work for me.

Twitter Log: 2007-07-16

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  • Good morning, Twitches. I woke up late, so I have to put off my run until after WW this morning. #
  • Back from my run. Only here to sync my Nike+ then I’m down to lift some weights. #
  • @ libel_vox Sorry about the satellite. Can you get your laptop online with your cell phone? #
  • @ libel_vox Gives new meaning to: Can you hear me NOW! #
  • @ ashbuckles The next geek dinner is 07-19-07? Is it still at the Applebee’s on 126th South? #

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Mr. Lee Takes a Trip

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If you ever wondered where your cat goes when you let it outside, this website gives you a peek into the cat world:

Mr. Lee takes a trip and meets up with many other cats, enjoys the view of the birdfeeder and hides out under the car. I found it quite interesting to see what his cat does when no one is watching.

Via: Cute Overload – Ever wondered what your cat is doin’ during the day?

Twitter Log: 2007-07-17

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  • @ NewspaperGirl We don’t bother submitting our websites anymore. If you write good stuff, they will come. #
  • I am crocheting today, so I’ll be away from the computer. #

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Blogging with the Treo

Filed under: General — Laura Moncur @ 1:48 pm

I am trying to give myself an excuse not to buy an iPhone. Being able to watch videos on the Treo is one thing I’ve conquered, but being able to really blog on the Treo is something that I’ve kept telling myself that the iPhone is better at, despite the virtual keyboard. Alas, I’ve figured out a way to really blog from the Treo. The Treo 755P is $300 cheaper than the iPhone and that’s if I don’t count the mail in rebate.

Decisions, decisions…

Blogging with Mike’s iPhone

Filed under: General — Laura Moncur @ 2:01 pm

No freakin’ comparison! Just using the EDGE network to log on was faster with the iPhone. The screen looks like the real screen on WordPress, so it’s much easier to navigate and even entering text on the virtual keyboard is easier.

I could fall in love with the iPhone of I’m not careful. I guess I have to say goodbye to Sprint and start saving my money for a new phone.

Twitter Log: 2007-07-18

Filed under: Twitter Log — @ 11:59 pm
  • Answering email. Spent all day crocheting 1 of 2 iPod cozies on commission. Today, I work on the second. #
  • @ libel_vox Rands is right on. He uses Twitter exactly how I use it. #
  • @ libel_vox Are you back in UT yet? #
  • @ Schlomo Are you coming through SLC, UT? If you do, we need to have a meetup! #
  • @ libel_vox I am at the “Basta!” point myself. I might get over it, but these things just feel like fads to me. #
  • @ libel_vox Even Twitter feels like a fad, but it’s a fad that does EXACTLY what I wanted. #
  • @ ThomAllen I must be a dolt. They both look the same to me. #
  • @ UnholyKnight DUDE!! It’s like noon in your time zone! Wake the freak UP! #
  • @ ThomAllen They’re both weblogs. They both have text and pics. They both have an RSS link. Same, same. #
  • @ ThomAllen What I’m trying to say is that the MOST important thing is the content. Style is secondary. #
  • @ ThomAllen I’m confused, but I’ll share whatever secrets I might have. #
  • @ Ah… Using the Treo’s web browser, I was able to log into my WP blog. It wasn’t nearly as easy as using Mike’s iPhone, though. #
  • @ libel_vox Mike says, “Dude! I’ve bought 2 Macs in the last 9 months!” #
  • @ libel_vox Mike is heartily laughing! #
  • @ libel_vox Mike says, “Dude! I’ve bought 2 Macs in the last 9 months!” #
  • At Office Depot looking at pens and escaping the heat. #
  • Just finished visiting the Mac shrine at Best Buy. It’s like a little piece of the Apple store in the middle of that noisy mess. #
  • @ missbhavens CNN says there are only 3, so wishing you the best, babe. #

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Beautiful Faces Make People Happy

Filed under: General — Laura Moncur @ 8:41 am

Bad news for us ugly folk…

Something about this research makes me feel so sad.

“This [study] suggests that attractive faces may have a particular attention and emotion grabbing effect. The effect seems so strong, it seems to work even when a face hasn’t registered in our conscious mind.”

It reminds me of that book I read:

Despite the advances, plastic surgery isn’t good enough to make an ugly person pretty. I guess we’ll just have to realize that we appall people subconsciously and run with it.


Twitter Log: 2007-07-19

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  • @ missbhavens Sending good karma your way. Pass it on to the injured for me -K-? #
  • @ Schlomo Dude! We need to see you while you’re here! #
  • @ michaelverdi San Francisco is so cool, they even have wifi on their buses! #
  • @ kitykity Sorry, I’m at the gym. I wish I were sitting at home, though. Say hi to everyone for me -K-? #
  • I am the number 2 search on Ammonia Scented Sweat. See? You just have to pick something and be the best! http://tinyurl.com/ywvg55 #
  • @ missbhavens You work on the psyche ward, right? No? Maternity? REALLY?!!! #
  • @ libel_vox Basketball? #
  • Awoken to the sound of Linda puking. She is starving to death because she doesn’t like her KD food, but any other food makes her puke. :( #
  • I thought maybe Twitterific was malfunctioning, but it just looks like no one is talking. #
  • Feeling crabby today. Twitter out. #
  • Feeling better. Twitter In. #
  • @ ashbuckles Be safe, buddy! #
  • Can’t decide. Where should we eat for lunch? #
  • @ kitykity THANK YOU! We’re heading to Jason’s Deli! #

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How To Post To Your Blog Every Day Without Going Insane

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Okay, the idea of writing on your blog might already be insane to some people, but there are those of us out there who take our writing very seriously. Sometimes, however, you want to write, but nothing comes. What do you do then?

Write Anyway

I write anyway. I usually sit at the computer or sometimes I do it offline, but I give myself 15-30 minutes and just write. I don’t let myself stop writing. Even if I have to write, “I don’t have anything to say,” over and over, I still keep writing.

Eventually something good comes out of it.

Mostly, it’s crap, but there usually is a kernel of a good idea that comes and I am able to write.

Read A Lot

I like to read a lot of weblogs, magazines and books so that I have lots of ideas floating around in my head. This can be a procrastination technique, however, so watch yourself.

Take a Walk or Go For a Run

Sometimes when I’m really stymied, I’ll go for a walk or a run without my iPod. It doesn’t matter if I walk outside or on the treadmill as long as I don’t distract myself with TV, videos, music or other external distractions. If I am walking with my thoughts, I tend to get ideas.


Now, there are a million ways to meditate. Most of them don’t work for me. I use these meditations:

  • To Do List: I sit comfortably with a pad of paper nearby. I try to meditate and when my mind wanders, I write down whatever I’m worried about. I go back to meditating. If my mind wanders back to the same item, I dismiss it with the thought, “I have that written down. I’ll deal with it when I’m finished,” and go back to meditating. If a different thought comes to mind, I write it down. When I’m finished, I’ve found that I HAVE to actually take care of the things on that list or my mind doesn’t believe me the next time I meditate.

  • Staring at a Moving Thing: I like candles and windchimes, but lava lamps will work as well. Just focusing my mind on the movement helps me calm down and think of ideas.

I usually set a countdown timer on my watch to go off in a few minutes so I’m not always checking a clock.

Take My Computer Somewhere Else

The beauty of a laptop is the ability to take it anywhere to write. The same is true for a notebook if you don’t mind transcribing once you get back to the computer. Just changing your location can make things fresh and new.

And Now For Something Completely Different

Sometimes I just do something completely different, like drawing or photography or videos. Changing to a different medium is a good way to keep from being bored and gives me something to write about.

Stop Taking Myself So Seriously

I’m not creating great art here. The minute I start thinking that I’m creating Great Art, then I freeze up and I’m completely unable to do anything. Seth Godin’s idea of being The Best is a really good idea, but every time I focus on The Best, I just end up paralyzed. Instead, I focus on just telling my small piece of the human story.

Don’t Let It Go Dark

I always imagine my weblog like a theater. If I don’t post one day, it will “go dark” and people will come to the theater, shake the locked doors and wonder where I am. I imagine those people vividly and I don’t want my blog to be that theater. Even if I post something small and simple, it’s better than going dark.

Write In My Journal Every Day

I have an offline journal that I write in every day. It allows me to get all the junk out of my head so I can actually write the “good” stuff. It’s my secret weapon.

Don’t Give Yourself An Excuse

When my blog does go dark, it’s because I’ve given myself an excuse to let it. When I refuse to give myself an excuse, I end up posting something and sometimes it’s better than I imagined it could be. Most of the time, I just post crap, but every once and a while, something good comes out of my fingers onto the keyboard.

Twitter Log: 2007-07-20

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  • Is there a Utah Geek Dinner going on right now? #
  • @ libel_vox Thanks, I was freakin’ out. Did they decide WHERE? #
  • @ libel_vox If they want wi-fi, they’re probably stuck with Applebees or Starbucks. #
  • Hoping all my buddies in SF are okay after the earthquake. Sending good karma your way! #
  • @ ThomAllen Good morning, buddy! #
  • Beautiful Faith Hill Not Good Enough For Redbookhttp://tinyurl.com/25asxd #
  • Rocketboom is beautiful today. http://tinyurl.com/2evdzc #
  • @ libel_vox Casual Fridays are the only thing to watch on Rocketboom anymore. #
  • Trying out 2nd Life with Aliza Sherman. Geek Meet in 15 mins. #
  • @ ashbuckles There is a Ruelle’s Art and Frame at 1300 E and about 90th South over by the Golds Gym. #
  • @ ashbuckles Reuel’s 7960 S 1300 E Phone: 561-8481 #
  • @ ashbuckles Do we really need WiFi? If not, I suggest Good Wood. #
  • @ ashbuckles Go with Panasonic cameras. They’re what I use for my walking videos. Anti-shake is awesome. #
  • @ ashbuckles Here’s the menu for Good Wood: http://www.goodwoodbbq.com/Goodwoodframed.htm #
  • @ ashbuckles For their lack in good food, I have to admit that Applebee’s have been very adaptive to our large group. #
  • @ libel_vox I think Mike would say, “Go to the Apple Store.” #
  • @ libel_vox We have had really good experience with Acer. #
  • @ libel_vox Do you want me to wake up Mike and have him IM you? #
  • @ libel_vox I know Mike has a Core 2 laptop from Acer that he’s no longer using since the Mac incident. He might sell it for cheap. #
  • @ libel_vox Something like that :) #
  • I am in SL right now with Aliza Sherman. #
  • Okay, just logged out of Second Life. Gotta go for a run in my REAL life. #
  • @ Zadi Sorry, but puppets usually = kids. Even Avenue Q had that problem. #
  • @ michaelverdi Neither was Avenue Q, but idiots kept trying to take their kids to it. #

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The Birds at Sugarhouse Park

Filed under: Video — Laura Moncur @ 8:38 am
Click here to see the video

Download this video for your iPod

If you look carefully, you can see pelicans, ducks, geese, seagulls and a brief glimpse of a female starling. It was like we walked into a bird sanctuary.

Twitter Log: 2007-07-21

Filed under: Twitter Log — @ 11:59 pm
  • OMG! If you haven’t seen “Stranger Than Fiction” yet, go out right now and rent it. It is the most beautiful movie this year!! #
  • @ Zadi Where did Scoble say that Jet Set is for kids? The thing about cereal commercials? You didn’t link to it. Anyone know? #
  • @ missbhavens I was completely bawling at the end. It was nothing like I expected and even the trailer didn’t give me a clue. #
  • Good morning, Twitches! Feeling pretty good! #
  • @ missbhavens See? Karma takes care of things. You don’t have to be the police. #
  • @ missbhavens If you have a pair of headphones or earbuds, that works nicely as well. #
  • Just posted a couple of blog entries. I think I’ll make a quick run to the store to pick up Harry Potter. #
  • It was surprisingly easy to get a Harry Potter book this morning. Free leather bookmark, too! #
  • @ nicolelee I’m sorry about your cat. I understand what you’re going through. Sending my best. #

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Three Words That Should Never Be Put Together

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Drunk Underwear Karaoke

Click at your own risk! :)

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