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My T-Rex Skull at The Museum of the Rockies

Mike and I went to The Museum of the Rockies on the drive back from Billings. You can see the review of the exhibits here:

I had the strangest feeling while I was in the dinosaur museum. I was standing next to huge T-Rex skulls and full bodied skeletons of all sorts of dinosaurs and I felt such a feeling of ownership. I felt like they were MY fossils. I had dug them up and donated them to the museum.

Of course, I felt like this because of Animal Crossing:

My T-Rex in Merriton

Seeing a museum like mine in Merriton was better in real life than in the game, even though I had nothing to do with actually digging up those fossils.


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  1. Cute picture of you! The real life one, I mean. :)

    Comment by Marleigh — 8/7/2007 @ 6:51 pm

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