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Twitter Log: 2007-08-07

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  • @ kitykity I LOVED your blog entry about your walks. Have fun tonight! #
  • @ jensimmons I don’t know if you noticed, but ALL people are weird. #
  • @ marleigh What’s wrong, babe? #
  • @ marleigh Go get ’em! #
  • @ marleigh LOL #
  • Good morning, Twitches! #
  • Damn Interesting lives up to its name yet again: http://www.damninteresting.com/?p=449 #
  • Eating 1/2 a pack of ramen and tofu. I wish the ramen would come in single serving sizes. #
  • @ libel_vox Just got an IM from Thom. He’s fine. Just busy. Says he’ll be back soon. #
  • Waiting for the live coverage of Apple’s summer conference on Engadget: http://tinyurl.com/2fg4p8 #
  • @ ProvoBoy I’m hoping for iLife ’07. What about you? #
  • @ ProvoBoy iMovie is better than Adobe Premiere Elements and it came with my computer for free. I LOVE iLife. #
  • New iLife ’08 Yeah! #
  • @ jensimmons AND new iMovie. Steve says it’s better than Final Cut Pro. I guess we’ll be testing that theory. #
  • Sorry, Steve. We still need to burn DVDs. Hope you have that capability in your new iMovie. #
  • @ jensimmons Or to sell ourselves: http://www.starling-fitness.com/videos/ #
  • @ jensimmons A VERY small amount of money, yes. Mostly, I sell them as souvenirs for Starling Fitness. #
  • Looks like iDVD is still alive. New themes, pro encoding, etc. #
  • iLife ’08 Available today for $79. I gotta shower and get my butt to the Apple store! #
  • @ ThomAllen Probably. I gotta wait until Mike wakes up. #
  • @ ThomAllen Really? But Steve said TODAY! #
  • Steve just said he has some news for the Apple TV soon, but nothing to talk about today. I wonder if the news is, "We don’t like it very … #
  • @ ThomAllen The Apple Store in SLC is CLUELESS about the new iLife. They say call back today or tomorrow. I guess I don’t need to wake u … #
  • I’m showered. Mike’s awake. Apple still doesn’t have a clue. I’m not calling again until tomorrow. #
  • Just finished making postcards with iPhoto. Forgot to send them when I was in Montana, so sending homemade ones now. #

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