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Twitter Log: 2008-01-09

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  • Finished with CES for today. Back to the hotel to write. #
  • Okay, we went to Fry’s instead of heading to the hotel. #
  • @rolandksmith We make a pilgrimage to Fry’s every time we visit Vegas. This is our 2nd visit this trip. #
  • Good morning, SLC Twitches. It’s 38 degrees and sunny in Las Vegas right now. Not a snow flake in sight. I don’t wanna come home. #
  • @billbrandon What are you talking about? #
  • @davehuth Tell your friend hi. We are at CES right now! #
  • In the Blogger’s Lounge. Since it’s so far away from EVERYTHING, it’s nice, quiet and enjoyable. LUVIN’ IT! #
  • Fed, refreshed and ready for more CES goodness! Gotta find those USB bracelets from Storm. TOO COOL! #
  • So much to see. Heading to the central floor at CES. #
  • Leaving CES for the day. Tired. Nike+ says we walked over 3 miles today. #

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