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My Life in Swatches: St. Germain

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St. Germain by LauraMoncur from FlickrThis is the second Swatch I bought. Back in 1989, the money to buy a Swatch felt like SO much and I spend days deciding which one to get. I only consider two of my Swatches to be “beloved,” and St. Germain is one of them.

I must have looked at that band a million times. I had this watch when I was in college and I remember thinking how mature it was: the handwriting, the French words on the face, and the mysterious picture of a girl in a long coat. Depending on how the hands swing, the watch can read one of twenty four things:

  • Tu es magique. – You are magical.
  • Je te veux magique. – I want your magic.
  • Tu es absolu. – You are absolute.
  • Je te veux absolu. – I want you absolutely.
  • Tu es univers. – You are universal.
  • Je te veux univers. – I want you universally.
  • Tu es temporel. – You are temporal.
  • Je te veux temporel. – I want you temporally.
  • Tu es espoir. – You are hope.
  • Je te veux espoir. – I want you hopefully
  • Tu es rever. – You are a dream.
  • Je te veux rever. – I want to dream about you.
  • Tu es enigme. – You are an enigma.
  • Je te veux enigme. – I want you enigmatically.
  • Tu es illusion. – You are an illusion.
  • Je te veux illusion. – I want your illusion.
  • Tu es obscur. – You are obscure.
  • Je te veux obscur. – I want your obscurity.
  • Tu es desir. – You are desire.
  • Je te veux desir. – I want your desire.
  • Tu es hasard. – You are chance.
  • Je te veux hasard. – I want your chances.
  • Tu es vertige. – You are giddy.
  • Je te veux vertige. – I want your giddiness.

Before Yahoo! Babelfish, I used to just sit there looking at the face of the watch, trying to guess what each phrase meant. With a good training in Latin languages, I was able to figure out almost all of them.

The original band for my beloved St. Germain finally cracked and broke (I still have it). Luckily, I was able to find a replacement band (shown here).

In the end, this is STILL one of my favorite watches to wear, either with this band or a plain black one.

I wrote another entry about this watch here:


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  1. hello, I would like to thank you for this page. i’ve been looking for this swatch for ages. it was my first watch when i was young and i lost it years later … never heard of it before today :-) thank you gerald

    Comment by Gerald — 3/18/2010 @ 1:32 pm

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