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My Life in Swatches: Coloured Love

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Coloured Love by LauraMoncur from Flickr

Back in 1989, when I bought my St. Germain watch, it was a choice between that one and this one. It was a difficult choice, but I went with the St. Germain because it was black and white and I thought it would go with more of my clothes.

I bought this watch on eBay two weeks ago. Now that I’m an adult and I can afford it, I was able to buy the other watch of my dreams from my teen years.

I’m scared to wear this watch. I can’t buy new bands for it, so I don’t want to wear it with its original band. Maybe I’ll replace the band and wear it. Why is it so hard for me to think about wearing a watch that I have wanted for so long?!

Update 12-07-12

I just received an email from Cam in Australia:

Hi Laura, love your blog.. I searched for ages to find a photo of my long lost Swatch, turns out it was the “Coloured Love” model you feature below.

I received it for my 13th birthday, mine had a bright pink face guard attached, my mates ribbed me about it, but girls loved it, good conversation starter!..

Unfortunately on a night of silly behaviour when I was about 16, a friend of mine became seriously drunk in our small town here in Australia, long story short; the local police locked us up to teach us a lesson.. They took all of our possessions, including my swatch, and held them until we got out. When they were signing us out, my watch was gone, as was my friends fathers Vietnam Zippo, I protested and received a short jab to my stomach, whoops, haven’t been in any trouble since, Haha!.

Oh well, looks like my chances of replacing “Marilyn” have improved now that I have the model name and photo reference.. Thanks.

It made me so happy to hear this story about Coloured Love that I just had to share it with you. Cam told me that he has found a Coloured Love on eBay and is planning on keeping it for posterity instead of wearing it. I have yet to wear my Coloured Love Swatch because it was new in box. I did find a beat up one later, however, and I wear it from time to time, even though it just has a black band instead of the original.


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  1. Laura,

    I was given this watch in 1989. I wore it out. It now sits in a drawer and I think of it fondly. I love swatches and lamented the loss of the swatch store.

    thanks for the geek lunch

    Comment by calvin — 9/7/2008 @ 3:08 pm

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