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I Am Legend: A Belated Review

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I Am Legend at Amazon.comI don’t do bad reviews. There is SO MUCH cool stuff in the world to talk about that I think it’s a waste of time to complain about the stupid stuff.

That’s why when I Am Legend came out and I saw it, I never mentioned it here. I LOVED most of the movie, but the ending was so insipidly stupid that I hated the entire movie.


The horrible messiah thing at the end and his “sacrifice” to save the serum, the world and the beautiful girl was just the kind of ending that makes me throw things. Luckily, the only thing around for me to throw was the remote control and the DVD box.

Come to find out, that wasn’t the original ending. That was the ending that the studio forced. The real alternate ending is here:

That five second scene where Will Smith says, “I’m sorry,” the bad guy screams at him and in the background you can see the Polaroids of all the subjects that he had been experimenting on this whole time is just heart breaking. THAT is the ending to this film. Will Smith became a monster just as much as the others. After seeing the humanity in the victims of the plague, suddenly Will’s methodical experimenting makes him seem more like a monster than the monsters. AND HE KNOWS IT.

What the HECK were the studio heads thinking changing that ending?!!

Where can I get a version of I Am Legend on DVD with THAT ending? It looks like the second disc of this set has the movie with the alternate ending. Good… I need that.

Via: Movie Detritus: 10 Worst Science Fiction Remakes


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