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Oh Good, That Thing Is Done

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The Communicatrix has an excellent entry about how to deal with jealousy.

Her idea is to look at it like this:

Oh good, that thing is done.

Instead of being jealous that someone has done something so totally cool and you wish you could be that person, you breathe a sigh of relief because you can check that thing off the list.

The first time I experienced this feeling was in 1992. Mike and I had been trying to write a song called “Heart of the City” that never really expressed how I felt about going to downtown Salt Lake City. I felt a connection to the city that I just couldn’t express. I felt COMPLETELY frustrated and impotent to explain myself.

To The City by Information Society at Amazon.comThen The Information Society released “To The City.” In three minutes and thirty seconds, Information Society did what I had been so unable to do. They made a song that conveyed EXACTLY how I felt about driving downtown on the weekends. At first, I felt angry because they beat me to the punch, but within a couple of days, I felt the release of it all. I was GRATEFUL to them for writing the song that I just couldn’t write.

Over the years, my jealousy has abated a lot, but I’m not impervious to it. It’s funny to hear Colleen write about a method of dealing with jealousy that I encountered long ago, but never even thought of sharing it with others. Thanks for reminding me, Communicatrix. I needed that kick in the pants.


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  1. You’re welcome, babe. Thank you for being there way ahead of me. :-)

    Comment by Colleen Wainwright — 7/10/2009 @ 9:48 pm

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