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Capri Super Slims

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This is the cigarette ad that made me start smoking.

Capri Super Slims

I SO wanted to be that girl. I had a sweater just like that. I wore big earrings just like that. I even had that haircut. In fact, I STILL have that haircut after twenty years and a multitude of hair fashions. I prefer my hair cut into a bob better than anything else.

I learned very quickly that Capri Super Slims didn’t fly off the shelves quickly enough. I bought a few incredibly stale packs that made my stomach turn with nausea and I switched to Benson and Hedges Deluxe Ultra-Light Menthols. I said that phrase so many times back them to 7-11 clerks that I can still recite it without fail.

I still haven’t found the ad that made me switch to those…

Fortunately, I caught such a bad case of bronchitis that it bordered on pneumonia. As I labored for breath, I realized that when I got older, it would ALWAYS be like that for me if I didn’t stop smoking. Since I couldn’t smoke when I was sick, I never started again.



  1. Cogratulations on being an ex-smoker. The great news is that within 5 years your lungs will look alot like a nonsmokers lungs. Your food will taste better within weeks and you’ll be able to do things without getting winded, not to mention less respiratory illnesses like bronchitis after a few years, but most importantly, you have dramatically lowered your risk for all cancers. Man, many congratulations on kicking a substance that is more addctive than crack or meth.

    Comment by Kara — 11/1/2009 @ 12:39 pm

  2. I remember getting packs of Capri Slims in jail for free from the jailers. They were apparently being given out by the manufacturer. Anyway, it was after lights out when I first lit one up. It was super harsh, but I smoked it anyway, being in jail and desperate. Then it got smooth and mentholy after about my fifth drag, and I wondered why. Then I noticed a little tobacco on my lips, and suddenly realized that I’d just smoked the entire filter. It was so thin that it stayed lit. True story.

    Comment by Matthew — 11/2/2009 @ 12:36 am

  3. And I had a >much< better reason to start smoking. Her name was Lisa Johnson.

    Comment by Matthew — 11/2/2009 @ 12:38 am

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