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Lonely Is An Eyesore

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Lonely Is An Eyesore at Amazon.comEvery once and a while, I would type the name of the album into Amazon’s search. Back in November of 2008, I got a hit. Lonely Is An Eyesore was FINALLY available as an MP3 download. It was an album that I obsessed over the first year out of high school (1987-1988). The videos were shown on MTV’s 120 Minutes EVERY Sunday night. They didn’t play these songs at The Ritz. They were too far from the dance and gothic beat that they played at The Ritz. I didn’t care. All the songs were SO COOL!

I bought the album from Sound Off, a record store on 700 East and 2100 South. It was rare that they carried anything that cool there, so I ordered it from them and awaited their call when it finally came in. I played the record ONCE to record it onto cassette tape. Over twenty years later, I emptied a box and found the album in there, just a beautiful as it was years ago.

Lonely Is An Eyesore

The title of the album, Lonely Is An Eyesore, is a line from a song on the album by Throwing Muses.

Each song had a video and you can see them all on YouTube. Here is a playlist, showing them all in the order that the songs appeared on the album.

It’s funny when one album can personify one time in my life so perfectly, but Lonely Is An Eyesore was one of those albums.



  1. I love this album too. I loved just about every band on that label – 4AD. Rebecca even bought me a special VHS tape with all of the videos on it for Christmas (1989 I think).

    Comment by Verdi — 2/5/2010 @ 10:03 pm

  2. I still have this album too. It’s truly a beautiful collectors item, especially if you have the huge 5 flap gate-fold version. It’s about 1/2″ thick and slides out of a sleeve more like a box. It also has a big 20+ page booklet inside.

    If you really love it as you say, I’d recommend getting a CD version, or better yet, just play the record! I’ve played mine dozens of times and it’s still in great shape. Records are so vastly superior to even higher rez mp3s you will be shocked. Plus, what’s cooler than holding all that nice 12″ art in your hands as you listen? :)

    Comment by Doug Bowker — 9/1/2010 @ 8:20 pm

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