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Bird Watching with Elvis

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I love these quiet moments with Elvis. He will sit by the window for hours watching the birds as long as I open the blinds for him.


Twitter Log: 2010-08-22

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Twitter Log: 2010-08-24

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Twitter Log: 2010-08-25

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Twitter Log: 2010-08-29

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  • At WordCamp Utah today. Sheri Bigelow rocks the mic! #wcut #

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Elvis VS. The Bevmo Bag

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Elvis VS. The Bevmo Bag

We have been leaving the Bevmo Bag out on the floor lately just because it has become Elvis’ latest nemesis. He simply can’t understand why he can’t get inside of the thing. Since it is a bag meant to transport glass bottles, it has dividers in it that are just large enough for Elvis’ head only.

That doesn’t stop him from trying to put his whole body into it several times a week.


The Ultimate Ritz Playlist

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Ritz SignLast month, I attended the second Ritz Reunion. Dancing at the Ritz was a major part of my high school and college years, so it was VERY enjoyable to let myself dance my butt off to the old tunes surrounded by my old friends.

I was surprised at how many holes there were in my music collection, so I was SO grateful when the DJs posted their playlists for the night.

Here are the playlists with links to where you can download them. I gave Amazon precedence over iTunes because they can be played on any mp3 player, not just Apple products. If it’s not available on either, I linked to it on Listen To YouTube.

Ritz: Black Ticket


The Ritz at Night


Ritz Stage


Ritz: Red Ticket


Kevin Reece 1987It was a wonderful night and every song was perfect. The night couldn’t last forever, however, so there were many Ritz songs that were missed. Here are my favorites from our Ritz days that didn’t make the cut.

Ritz 1987 Stef Parry, Laura Lund, Dawni Burton

The Ritz Club: Music for Moderns

That makes an even 100 songs that we all loved and danced to back when we used to put on the Ritz. Leave a message in the comment if I missed any of your favorites and I’ll track them down for you.


Studio Line by Sigue Sigue Sputnik

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StudioLineLorealI’ve talked about Studio Line hair products from Loreal and how Sigue Sigue Sputnik had a commercial blurb about them before:

For the longest time, it was impossible to get that tiny commercial digitally, but I recently found the album Flaunt It on Amazon:

Unfortunately, it isn’t its own track on the album. It’s merely an afterthought at the end of Teenage Thunder. I separated it out and made a separate track of it. Listening to this old commercial reminds me of the Eighties all over again.

Right Click to Download Studio Line by Sigue Sigue Sputnik

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