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Castle Panic: A Fun Cooperative Family Game

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I saw this episode of TableTop and it really made me want to try the game Castle Panic.

Castle PanicSo, I bought it and we all played it last Sunday. It was a lot of fun and I’m so impressed with the game mechanics. There are some bad guys who are stronger than others and the way they deal with their “hit points” is really ingenious.

The biggest flak I got from Stacey, Dan and Mike was about the cooperation. They immediately started quoting the Incredibles line.

Everyone’s special, which is another way of saying no one is.

They argued that if we all win, that’s like no one winning. And they kept arguing that until we lost our first game.

“Should we play again?” I asked, tentatively. I had introduced this game and they had all complained heavily about it.

“Yeah! We gotta win this thing!”

So, if friendly competition in your family has gotten a little out of control, maybe a cooperative tower defense game like Castle Panic is just what you need.


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