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Black Glitter Tips Manicure

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Black Glitter Tips Manicure from Pick Me!I have been shockingly pleased with the Sinful Colors Black on Black nail polish. It goes on well and covers much better than an inexpensive polish should. I bought it at Walgreens for only a couple of dollars, so I expected far less from it. It looks especially good highlighted on the tips with the Jordana glitter polishes.

I really did this manicure as an experiment. I was going to try to do a matte black with shiny tips, but at the last minute, I chickened out and just did glitter tips instead. I’m glad I did, because I’m really pleased with this manicure.

Black is such a hard color to work with and if I mess up at all, it’s really hard to get off my cuticles and skin. I think I’ll try this kind of manicure with a softer color and see how it turns out.

Black Glitter Tips Manicure from Pick Me!

I’m surprised at how fun just playing with fingernail polish can be. It feels like a little bit of art that I get to do and enjoy for the brief moment before it is obliterated by all the physical things I do with my hands every day.

Black Glitter Tips Manicure from Pick Me!

Sorry, no matching pedicure this time…


Get Your Mojo Back: How To Be Creative When You Can’t Create Anymore

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I am Speaking at WordCamp SLC 2012I’m doing a presentation at WordCamp SLC today talking about when I had writer’s block and how I got past it. You can download my slides here:

If you came to WordCamp SLC and have any questions about my presentation, feel free to leave comments, ideas or questions below.


FU, Mitt

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Mitt Romney thought he was off the record when he went on a rampage about the 47% of the United States who don’t pay taxes. He said that they were entitled, believe that they are victims and that the government has the responsibility to take care of them. You can see him say it here:

He literally said, “My job is to not worry about these people.” Here are the people Mitt Romney has written off: The Disabled.

FU Mitt: The Disabled 47%

Our Soldiers:

FU Mitt: Our Soldiers 47%

Our Children:

FU MItt: Our Children 47%

Our Elderly:

FU MItt: Our Elderly 47%

Our Students:

FU MItt: Our Students 47%

Our Working Poor:

FU MItt: Our Working Poor 47%

His own father:

FU MItt: His Own Father 47%

I had no idea how entitled Mitt Romney was, but that video shows just how heartless he is. Hey, Mitt, guess what? The job of the president is to worry about the ENTIRE nation, not just the people who vote for you.

Via: Issues of Epistemology – FU, Mitt.

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