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Thank You, Lego Movie

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A few weeks ago, we saw the Lego Movie. If you haven’t been bludgeoned over the head with the hype, then here is a trailer for you.

The movie is great on so many levels that I can’t tell you about, but I CAN tell you that it has drastically altered our Lego household.

My boy has always been good with Legos. He built this Millennium Falcon in just a couple of days.

Lego Millennium Falcon

He loved to build with Legos, meticulously following the directions. No matter how many times we told him that he could build ANYTHING with Legos, not just what the instructions say, he would only build what the directions told him to.

And the Millennium Falcon sat, pristine and untouched on his bookshelf.

And then we saw the Lego Movie…

I can’t tell you everything about the movie, but the idea of just making what’s on the instructions is NOT held in high esteem.

The next day, the Millennium Falcon was dismantled, and he built this.

Thank You Lego Movie

I nearly cried with joy. I don’t know why he had to hear from the movie that it was alright to make whatever he wanted, but I’m so glad that he finally understood that message.

Now, my boy is a master builder. I’m so proud!


Faux Bob Hairstyle

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I am posting this here just so I will be able to refer back to it whenever I want. I am SO tempted to cut my hair right now. I have been growing out my bangs for over a year now and I want to just even everything up to where my bangs are.

This faux bob is a really good substitute for actually cutting off all my hair.

Here is another video showing the technique.

Sometimes I think I cut my hair because I get bored with the same three hairstyles that I do all the time. If I find new, cute ways to do my hair, then maybe I won’t be tempted to cut.


Don’t Be A Pussy

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I read this interaction on Feel Good Inc. Tumblr and I didn’t believe it.


why do people say “don’t be a pussy” when talking about weakness more like “don’t be a man’s ego” because you know there isn’t nothing more fragile than that


because “pussy” is the shortened form of the word “pusillanimous”, which means “timid, cowardly” and not the slang word for the female genital region?


literally no one else knows this. nobody.

Pusillanimous - The origin of "Don't Be A Pussy"NOBODY, not even me! In fact, I didn’t BELIEVE it. I had to look it up in the dictionary, but there it is!

Firstly, I’m not buying it. If they really meant a shortened version of pusillanimous, the phrase would have been, “Don’t be pussy,” since pusillanimous is an adjective.

This might have been the origin of the phrase, “Don’t be a pussy,” but it certainly isn’t what it means NOW. Now, everyone assumes that it is referring to the female genital region, somehow calling girls weaker than boys. It’s synonymous with, “Don’t be a girl.” It might have had a less vulgar origin, but it certainly has a vulgar connotation now.

I’m not going to go around saying, “Don’t be a pussy,” but I just might pull “pusillanimous” out of the twenty-five-cent-word bag when I’m trying to be pretentious. Thanks, Tumblr, for increasing my vocabulary!


Disco the Talking Parakeet

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I’ve just subscribed to this YouTube channel because I love to listen to talking birds.

When I was a kid, my grandma had parakeets. The smartest one we had was Blue and she could say, “Pretty boy.” That was it. This bird just loves to talk his cute little head off. I just love him!

My First Book! Yeah!

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I have finally published my first book. It’s called The Secret Heart of Charlotte Lucas and I’m SO EXCITED!

The Secret Heart of Charlotte Lucas by Laura Moncur

You can buy it on Amazon here:

It’s a backstory for Charlotte Lucas, from Pride and Prejudice. I always thought Jane Austen dealt with her unfairly, so here is her redemption.

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