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Spring Polka Dots Manicure

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One of the first manicures I ever pinned on Pinterest was this one from normandlou:

Polka Dot Manicure

I finally tried one on my own that looks awesome for spring.

Spring Polka Dots Manicure from Pick Me!

Here is a close-up of one of the fingers.

Spring Polka Dots Manicure from Pick Me!

On A Trip by Wet N Wild at Amazon.comFor the base coat, I used On A Trip by Wet N Wild. It’s a lavender hue, even though it turned out almost blue in the photos.

For the dots, I used:

I had a lot of fun doing this manicure and although it was twice the work of my Faux Nail Lingerie Manicure, I like it even better.


The Little House Vs. Up: A Study In Similarities

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I found this video of a cartoon by Disney called The Little House. I had seen it many times on television when I was a kid and even had the little record and story book for it.

The cartoon tells the story of the little house who originally lived in the country, but the city grew up around her.

The Little House In The Country

Although the architecture and coloring is different, the houses are very similar.

The Up House In The Country

Eventually, the city overtakes the neighborhood and The Little House finds herself surrounded by high rise buildings.

The Little House in the City

It very a similar story to the Up House.

The Up House In The City

In fact, in both stories, the house has been anthropomorphized as a female.

Both houses even fall into disrepair at some point in the story.

The Little House Disrepair

Up House Disrepair

I think Up was such a powerful movie and so many of us were able to believe that the house was “Ellie” because we had seen The Little House as children. We had seen this story years and years before.


Roger Ebert Has Died

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I just heard that Roger Ebert has died. This makes me sad. Here is the best speech I’ve ever seen from him.

So beautiful!

Here are my favorite quotes from Roger Ebert:


Things I’m Awesome At

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Jenna Marbles made a great video about what she is awesome at and suggested that we all make that list and post it where we can see it every day.

This video is not safe for work, by the way.

I love how she finishes the video:

So make yourself a nice list and hang it somewhere you can remind yourself every day of something that you’re good at. So when that freakin’ boy is hangin’ out with Beth again, you’re startin’ to feel sad, just go to your list and go, like, “Oh, yeah! I make bangin’ grilled cheese samwiches. In your face, muthafugger! Ain’t nobody gonna bring me down!”

Man, I need to make that list for myself…

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