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Should You Double-Dip That Chip?

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Nice to know that you can double-dip that chip without causing a major health risk.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out this video:

That’s like putting your WHOLE mouth on the dip!

Via: Noted food scientist Harold McGee takes a look at the… (kottke.org)

Twitter Log: 2008-02-01

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  • @Newspapergrl Isn’t Craig Newmark SMART?! He gets good PR from you and he thanks you for it. More company CEOs need to do that! #

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Maggie Without Linda

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Before Linda died, I saw something like this every day. Now that Linda is gone, Maggie is so lonely. Even when she sits on my lap all day, she meows.

I can’t be another cat. I can’t bear to get another cat. This video makes me happy and sad all at the same time.

Click Here To See The Video

Download this video for your iPod

On another note, this video was filmed over a year ago. I never posted it because Mike is sleeping on the bed behind the cats. The reason you don’t get to see more of the cats playing is because they woke him up and he kicked them off the bed.

I haven’t been awoken by a cat fight on my bed for months.


Dance Party Friday – Hillarious!

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I thought I posted this in early January, but it looks like it was saved as a draft instead of published. It’s still funny, but you might have seen it somewhere else by now.

I’m wiping away the tears from my eyes, it’s so funny!

I’m going to practice all those new dance moves! The sprinkler, the lawn mower and the shopping cart! AWESOME!

Via: Littlest, Yellowest, Differentest


Curly vs. Straight Hair

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Curly vs. Straight HairHere is an interesting story about curly vs. straight hair. She decided to use two different profiles on an online dating site, one curly and one straight to see which men prefer.

The straight hair received a lot more response than the curly-haired profile.

In the end, however, she realized what I did a long time ago:

What I do know is that when it comes to voting for curly or straight, if a man says it depends, perhaps it really does. It depends on confidence. Stepping into a date with a smile can make all the difference.

The minute I stopped fretting about my hair, I gained more confidence and suddenly my hair looked better to everyone. Best of all, when I let it stay curly, it takes a lot less time to deal with. I save the 45 minutes of hair dryer and flat iron, which I can use for whatever I want!

Twitter Log: 2008-02-04

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  • Left SLC with 6 inches of snow. Woke up in Cardiff looking at the tide charts. #
  • @libel_vox DeBussy? #
  • Hotel Internet is sucking wind. Breakfast is okay. Internet trumps food. How did that happen? #

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Cold from Flickr

Winter again. We’ve had many snow storms, piling up the snow at the side of my driveway, but in all honesty, it’s a mild winter. We’ve had winters where the snow piled higher than me. We’ve had winters where they actually closed the school for several days. We’ve had winters that brought down the power lines and left people cold and shivering in their homes.

This year? There have been many small storms, but it has been pretty mild.

There has been sunshine. There has been white-out conditions. Enough of both and the winter feels mild instead of oppressive.

I’m still sick of the snow. I still want to escape to a sunny climate. But, this doesn’t feel like a never-ending drudge of cold and damp ugliness.

I wonder why…

Twitter Log: 2008-02-05

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  • Catching up on email. Leave it for two days and I get buried. I want to wake up Mike, but he needs his sleep. #
  • @humancell I KNOW. My heart was breaking as I watched the backhoe cut through the Blue Boutique! #
  • Tide Pools at Swami’s Beach yesterday. LOVELY! http://tinyurl.com/3cjabk #

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Note To Self: Crochet AquaAmi Patterns

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AquaAmi from PlanetJune

Totally adorable crocheted dolphins, whales and sea lions.

She is only selling the patterns, not the crocheted animals. Whenever I try to do things like this, they end up not looking nearly as cute as these little guys.

I still want to try, though.

Via: Craftzine.com blog: Crochet AquaAmi Patterns

Twitter Log: 2008-02-06

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  • @ThomAllen "Exit light? Enter night?" Kind of the opposite of what you need, isn’t it? #

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Charlie Bit Me!

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I laughed so hard that tears came out of my eyes!

Watch big brother’s face.

Via: Authentic Threads · Cha Li


Barbie Star Traveler

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Apparently, 1980 was the peak year for me and Barbie. Plaid Stallions has the 1980 Mattel Catalog, showing some of my favorite toys:

I earned half the money for my Barbie Star Traveler. It was forty dollars at Gibson’s Discount Center. My mom fronted the other half. My dad helped me put it together because it was REALLY complicated. There were a million stickers that had to be stuck correctly on the frame of the toy. I played with that thing long after it started falling apart.

The Barbie Star Traveler

I ended up giving it to The DI just a few years ago. I hope another little girl had the luckiest day ever at the DI and is still playing with it today.

I also saved up the eight dollars to buy the Barbie Starvette. I felt so proud because I put the car together myself and even put on the stickers correctly.

The Barbie Starvette

She could carry one friend in the seat next to her and two friends on the back. The seat belts were so impossible to use that they were removed the first day I owned the car. I always worried about the friends sitting on the back when we were driving because I knew that it wasn’t safe for them to do that.

Use a marker to draw on Ken’s beardMy sister, Stacey, had this Ken doll. He came with a marker to draw on a beard on Ken’s face. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize that we shouldn’t draw on his face with just any marker. Ken ended up with a permanently blackened face within days.

We eventually shaved his hairy head. His hair wasn’t nice like these pictures show it. It was a full-on afro mop-top mess. I convinced Stacey that he would look much better if we just cut off all his hair. He didn’t.

Sorry, sister…

Tuesday Taylor doll and penthouseIf you didn’t see your Barbie here, Plaid Stallions has a bunch of other stuff:

Update 04-05-10:

Here is a better picture of my Barbie Star Traveler from the 1977 Sears Christmas Catalog:

1977 Barbie Star Traveler

I still have the table, BBQ and plate from that set. The chair, pitcher and glass are long ago lost.

You can also see my Superstar Christie on that same page:

Superstar Christie

I also found Tuesday Taylor wearing the same outfit I still own.

Tuesday Taylor

She was a cool doll because she could have brown hair or blonde hair with a swivel top head. Now, though, her hair is matted and unbrushable. At least she still has her awesome Maude-like fashion sense.

Tuesday Taylor Today


Forgetting by Randall Munroe

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Forgetting by Randall Munroe

If only forgetting were this easy for me…

It’s going to be okay…

Car Wash on Balboa and I-805

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Car wash on Balboa and I-805

I found the receipt on the floor of the car with a wadded up paper towel.

I don’t think I thanked you for buying the car wash.


Balboa Shell from Flickr

Twitter Log: 2008-02-11

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Superbowl Commercials Have Jumped the Shark

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I watched all the Superbowl commercials from this year and it seems that they have really gone downhill. It used to be that the best of the best would be saved for the Superbowl, but now it just looks like they are throwing any stupid thing up because they know their target audience is too drunk to really know the difference.

With one exception:

This eTrade baby was funny and well done. I’m surprised at how much better animating talking babies is now. Of course, the dead pan voice is half the humor.

By the way, eTrade. The reason that you are getting 1000 new accounts a day is because we can’t find our passwords to the old accounts. Fix your security instead of making it freakin’ impossible to get into your own account.

Via: Super Bowl 2008 Ad: E Trade Baby with Clown Commercial (Video) | TV Crunch

Twitter Log: 2008-02-13

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  • Trying to get DDR Universe to work on my Xbox 360. Keeps failing me before I can take a step. :( #
  • @JesseStay I actually KNOW the day that they drove by based on the photo and an entry on my journal. Wow! Google Street View is creepy! #

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Happy Valentines Day!

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I feel like I should write something special because it’s a holiday today, but I’ve got nothing.

I’m wishing all of you reading these words now a happy Valentines Day.

You are loved, not only by me, but by someone else that you may never even know about. I guarantee it.

Cool PVC Music

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The description says he’s just messing around with the PVC pipes, but it sounds like a totally awesome new song from The Blue Man Group.

I listened to all five minutes of the video. He should release his “messing around” on a CD that I can buy or download.

Wow, The Blue Man Group need to release a new album.


Darth Vader Sings Mna-Mna!

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Here’s something to keep you happy and singing all day today!

Via: Sheldon: Sheldon Talk forum: Darth Vader Sings “Mna Mna”!

What It’s Like To Be A Teenager

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Watching this video reminded me what it was like to be a teenager. Cops, security officers and anyone else who had a bad day thought it was within their rights to do this to us. If only I had a cameraphone back then. I would have had the proof that this kid had.

I love the end of that video. You can hear:

“Is that camera on? If I find myself…”

I can only end the sentence with YouTube. Rock on Eric Bush and his skater friends. Keepin’ the punk rock alive!

That cop got his own beatdown:

After being a grownup for so long, I forgot how much hassle it was to be a teenager. Listening to this cop berate this kid brought all the memories flashing back:

  • The nutcase lady who worked at the jewelry store in Valley Fair Mall who always assumed that we were stealing and went off on Sceverenia that day. She was so angry when she searched us thoroughly and found nothing.

  • The cop that pulled up to my Baja Beetle when Pinkston and I were just sitting talking. No trespassing, no drugs, no alcohol. We were just talking. He was so disappointed that we weren’t committing any crimes that he took it out on us.

  • The teacher that marked my vocabulary tests down because of grammar errors. I wouldn’t have minded if she had been consistent, but she would ignore the errant commas of her darling students, but mark mine down.

I had forgotten all of those episodes of bullying and unfairness over the years. In retrospect, living well is the best revenge. The nutcase lost her store at Valley Fair Mall when Claire’s came and put her out of business. Of all the crimes Pinkston and I committed, we never were caught. And that teacher? I don’t know where she is now, but spell-check has gently corrected my spelling with loving kindness, making itself virtually useless now. I’m a writer and I put my commas wherever I want now.

Via: Don’t Be Evil: YouTube prevents punk kid from learning his lesson

“Suppose I don’t care…” “You care.”

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SMS Log: Feb 4, 2008 8:32 PM

Dan: Just looked up RB downloads for tomorrow and We Care Alot is on the list!

Laura: OMG! I can’t wait to get home to play!



Not Everyone Is On The Internet

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The MySpace page was blaring the song, “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol. I was sitting in the dark, half-awake, trying to figure out how to turn the damn song off. I finally found the pause button below the fold and the computer stopped singing. Mike walked into the living room, illuminated by the glow of my screen.

“What are you doing?”

I looked at the MySpace page, disappointed.

“I’m looking for Chelly Bird,” I replied, “This is NOT her.”

It looked like it was going to be her. Female, 38, right name, but she is definitely NOT Chelly. For a moment, before the page started yelling, “Let’s waste time, chasing cars,” I thought, “Wow! Chelly is in the UK now. That’s awesome!” Instead, a different Chelly Bird is back in the UK with her brother and sisters.

“Are you awake?” Mike asked. After several bouts of sleepwalking, I can understand why he would ask me that. It was four in the morning and I was staring at the computer like a zombie.

“I just had a dream that I saw Chelly Bird. I thought I’d google her name, but I’m the second entry for her name.”

“Not everyone is on the Internet.”

“I know, but sometimes I get surprised by that fact.”

“Think about it. If she was on the Internet, she would have already emailed you to complain that you’re the first on Google for her name.”

“Yeah… I know…”

I returned to Google, but the rest of the listings were less my old friend than the nice girl in the UK with a Robbie Williams fetish. I tried other friends from my grade school past. Stefanie Pillaris? Nothing… Kirstie Salamanikas? NOTHING! With a name like Kirstie Salamanikas, she definitely would have shown up if she had logged into anything with her real name. I tried LinkedIn, Facebook and LiveJournal. Nothing.

Not everybody is on the Internet, I know…

But then I tried searching for myself. Back when they knew me, my name was Laura Lund. Okay… there I am. Halfway down the list, but there. I guess if they are looking for me, they’ll find me.

Twitter Log: 2008-02-16

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  • @aprilmnz I haven’t had any crashes with 10.5.2. I’m actually REALLY liking the new to-do list for my iPhone. #

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Note to Self: Crochet a Chain Chomp Hat

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Chain Chomp HatI can knit, but I don’t really like to. The pattern for knitting a chain chomp hat is here:

I think I’d prefer to crochet one instead. I guess I’ll have to figure out a pattern on my own.

Via: Craftzine.com blog: HOW TO – Knit a Chain Chomp Hat

Twitter Log: 2008-02-17

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  • @rolandksmith I’m so sorry for your loss. Sending good karma your way. #

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Zadie and Sid Love Their Molly McB & Co. T-shirts

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Mike’s aunt and cousin, Gini and Emily Moncur, gave us t-shirts for Sid and Zadie. Since Sid’s full name is Sid Vicious, the Punk t-shirt was perfect!

I’m so surprised that we were able to get them to sit still long enough to photograph them together.

If you want a t-shirt like this for your little punk, head over to Molly McB & Co.


Procrastination Conquered

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Procrastination Conquered from Flickr

I just watched the mailman pick up all my packages. I had things for Starling Fitness to send out and then a couple of personal packages to friends in San Diego. I don’t know why I waited until there was a stack of mail, but a stack of mail went out today. It feels good to get it finished and sent.

They say that happiness lies in doing. I like accomplishing things, but I’ve noticed that I will procrastinate. Why do I put off that good feeling of achievement?

It’s not sloth. It’s not laziness. I will do a ton of other things to avoid having to do something else. Sometimes I do housework to avoid paid work. Sometimes I do paid work to avoid housework. Sometimes, I find video games that actually feel like work to avoid both. Even my recreation could be considered work.

So why do I procrastinate sometimes?

All I can figure is that I work so much that procrastination is the only way I know how to rest.

Gotta fix that somehow…

Twitter Log: 2008-02-19

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Twitter Log: 2008-02-20

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  • Wow! Twitter IM just started working! Yeah! #
  • @msjen I was just thinking of you. Hoping you are doing well. Your Urbanista Diaries are AWESOME! #
  • I just shot down Gulliver! I’ve been playing Animal Crossing for almost 2 years and this is the first time! #

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Retro Videos To Chase Away The Bad Dreams

Filed under: Personal History,Puttin' On The Ritz — Laura Moncur @ 11:06 am

Many thanks to Discopop Directory for reminding me of Voice of the Beehive. I haven’t listened to that old and warped cassette tape for a long time. I guess it’s time to buy it on iTunes.

Here’s the video for “I Say Nothing.” The best line:

“I drink at parties so I’ll be who they think I am.”

Here’s the video for “Don’t Call Me Baby.” The best line:

“Don’t call me ‘baby,’ when she is waiting in the car.”

Somehow YouTube magically knew that if I loved Voice of the Beehive, I would also like seeing this video from Strawberry Switchblade. Mike and I found this one on CD the first year we were married, but the sound of those horns brought back all my Ritz memories.

Here’s the video for “Since Yesterday.” The best line:

“When tomorrow comes, you’ll wish, you had today.”

Back in the Eighties, when I listened to this song, I truly believed that line, but now that I’m living in tomorrow, I wouldn’t go back. The Ritz was fun. It encompassed my entire life, but I enjoy being 38 years old. I have FAR more freedom now to do whatever I want, even with life’s responsibilities.


Note To Self: Knit Chicken N’ Egg Reversible Toy

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Chicken N’ Egg Reversible Toy from Craft Magazine

Note to self: figure out how to crochet a cute little reversible Chicken N’ Egg toy. It’s SO cute!

Twitter Log: 2008-02-22

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Twitter Log: 2008-02-23

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  • Utah Geeks: CodeAway is TODAY 12-6pm at Wastach Wingz http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/435051 #
  • At CodeAway. Games set up. Wifi working. Happy happy geek girl. #
  • @nakedjen Where are you, babe?! #
  • Everyone is ordering their food at CodeAway! Atomic wings for me. Yum! #

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Twitter Log: 2008-02-24

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  • It’s already 11:25 am. Half the day gone and I’m still just puttering around the house. Guess I’m still tired from CodeAway yesterday. #

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Twitter Log: 2008-02-25

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  • Reading RSS. Trying to figure out why I want to escape UT after only being back for 10 days. Maybe if I clean house and take a work break… #
  • @libel_vox Yeah, and you need a New User thingy too. Looks good. #
  • My manic cleaning lady personality came to town today. House is clean enough for my mom. I sure wish that personality would visit more often #

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Star Wars According To A 3 Year Old

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OMG! This is the cutest video EVAR! It makes me want to warp the mind of a three year old today!

Don’t talk back to Darth Vadar, or he’ll getcha!

Here’s the same video with clips from the movie.

Via: Sheldon: Sheldon Talk forum: A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Where People Have Sippy Cups…


What’s Going On In My Life?

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Self Portrait Wednesday 02-27-08 from FlickrI feel like writing, but I have no idea what I want to write about. I feel guilty because I have been so guarded on my blog lately. I used to write about what I was thinking here and I miss that. I also used to spend far too much time trying to be a Writer (with a capital W), and I don’t miss that. When I read some of my older entries, it’s really obvious to me that I was trying to prove something. I was trying to prove that I was a writer. Now that I am, however, I feel like I have less to write about. Why is that?

What’s going on in my life?

If a close friend were to ask me that and I was being honest, I would say that I am coming out of a bad year. 2007 was really hard on me. I lost my grandfather, who very nearly raised me, so he was like a father to me. Ten years ago, when my grandmother died, I gained a ton of weight and was depressed for a year or two. This time, I’ve also gained a ton of weight. As much as I like to think that I’m better at this life thing, it still shocks me how quickly I fall into my old habits.

I also lost my cat, Linda. Mike and I adopted her the second year we were married. She was an energetic kitten back then. We almost lost her to feline infectious anemia in her seventh year, but she survived it, thanks to an attentive veterinarian. After sixteen years of life, I have no regrets in how we dealt with Linda. We tried to keep her comfortable for as long as we could. My only regret is that now Maggie is so lonely.

There were other negative things that happened to us in 2007, so I was glad to see the year go. I really decided that 2008 was going to be a better year. When brightly colored flowers didn’t pop out of the ground on January first, though, I realized that 2008 isn’t some magic time. I made it a milestone, but that didn’t make me feel instantly better.

I DO feel better, though. We’ve gone several months without a major illness in the family. We’ve traveled and seen friends in San Diego. It’s so nice to see them thriving. All in all, Mike and I live an incredibly lucky life and wallowing in the sadness last year didn’t really help the situation any.

I got an email from an old high school friend last night. It said, “I found your website. I hope you and Mike are doing well. I could not find the link to the class reunion pictures. Would you send me a link?” I cringed when I realized that he must have seen how lame my blog is right now. Sure, cute little videos are fun to watch, but honestly, I post them here so that I’ll remember them. When did my blog turn into one big “Note to Self?” Was it always that way and I just didn’t notice it?

Twitter Log: 2008-02-28

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  • UT Blogger/Geek Dinner TONIGHT at 6pm at Neil’s Halibut. See you there! http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/435051 #
  • @TheDruidXpawX Even if you go old school with a VCR, it’s better than live. You can fast forward through the commercials. We’ll miss you. :( #
  • @PaulWilson There’s no need for monthly SEO meetings. Everything honorable about SEO can be learned fast. Monthly meetings are just slime. #
  • @PaulWilson You have to get past the slime, though. The good people will avoid a monthly SEO meeting, so all you’ll be left with is slime. #
  • @WasatchGirl You coming to the Geek dinner tonight? #
  • @PaulWilson It is possible to increase your rank honestly. SEO has been synonymous with gaming the system. Don’t brag about it. #
  • @PaulWilson Writing good content is the only viable solution. Once you start writing for robots, they’ll be the only ones reading your site. #

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Us Too…

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PostSecret: Saved

Sometimes I think that house was cursed. The minute we moved out of it and into this tiny home, our lives got better.

PostSecret‘s beneficiary is the National Hopeline Network. It is a 24-hour hotline (1 (800) SUICIDE) for anyone who is thinking about suicide or knows someone who is considering it.

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