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Wil Wheaton Sure Did Love His Big Eclipse Swatch

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Wil Wheaton posted some old teen heart throb photos of himself from back in the day. He prefaced it with the caveat:

There’s a whole lot of “didn’t have a fashion advisor” going on here.

This photo grabbed my attention. Here he is AGAIN with his Big Eclipse Swatch.

Wil Wheaton Loves His Big Eclipse from Pick Me

Now, you might think that we couldn’t possibly identify the exact watch he was wearing in that photo based on that picture, but I have TWO other promo shots of him with the Big Eclipse, so it’s a pretty safe bet that it’s the same watch.

If you’d like to enjoy all of the Swatchy Goodness Wil Wheaton had to offer, you can see the others here:

The fact that Wil Wheaton didn’t have a fashion advisor actually makes me quite happy. All of his teen photos are like a snapshot into the late 80s and early 90s. Todays heart throbs are so manufactured that it’s like they are mannequins instead of real people. I predict there will be a backlash because of this and all the teenaged girls are going to start swooning over unfinanced YouTube stars and teen bloggers in a desperate effort to fall for guys who are REAL instead of plastic.

Here’s to Wil Wheaton! One of the first unadvised teen heart throbs!


Hibiscus and Tulips Manicure and Pedicure

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I did my nails last week and never posted the picture. I’m quite proud of how well it turned out. I call this manicure, Hibiscus and Tulips.

Hibiscus & Tulips Manicure from Pick Me!

Here is the matching pedicure.

Hibiscus & Tulips Pedicure from Pick Me!

I used the OPI 2012 Holland Collection, Kiss Me On My Tulips nail polish as the base and the Bundle Monster Plate BM-313.

Hibiscus & Tulips Manicure from Pick Me!

I love how well it turned out and that it has lasted over a week without major chipping. A perfect manicure for the end of the summer!


Wil Wheaton Performs “William F-ing Shatner”

Filed under: General — Laura Moncur @ 10:48 am

This performance of “William F-ing Shatner” is freakin’ hilarious!

I have READ this entry online AND in his book, but seeing him perform it made it SO much better. I laughed out loud at the 5:04 mark when Wil just pauses while the audience laughs and he says,

No, no. I’ll wait for you to finish laughing at my pain.

If you have a half hour, it’s definitely worth a watch!


Einstein in Fuzzy Slippers

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The Historical Society of Princeton has provided this photo of Einstein wearing fuzzy slippers for your enjoyment.

Einstein in fuzzy slippers

I forget that even a genius needs comfort from amusing and fluffy things.

Via: Albert Einstein in Fuzzy Slippers, c. 1950s | Retronaut


We’re NASA and We Know It

Filed under: General — Laura Moncur @ 8:00 am

Why do I love the NASA mohawk guy so much? It makes no sense to me! This video just makes me laugh!

I was completely unable to get excited about the Olympics, but the Mars Curiosity Rover is just my favorite right now!

Via: ‘We’re NASA and We Know It’ Parodies Curiosity Mission, Mohawk Guy | Underwire | Wired.com


I’m Speaking at WordCamp SLC 2012

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I am Speaking at WordCamp SLC 2012I got the news a while ago, but I’ve had a busy couple of months, so I’m finally getting around to telling everyone that I’m speaking at WordCamp SLC 2012. I’m so grateful to the WordPress community for creating such a great blogging platform that I wanted to give back to them a bit.

My presentation is called, “How To Get Your Mojo Back.” I created it over a year ago when I had so much trouble writing and finally was able to get past it. I want everyone who is experiencing writers’ block to learn how to heal from it and write regularly again.

After the presentation, I’ll post the slideshow here. Hopefully, someone will film it and put it on YouTube so everyone can see it.


On a Celestial Trip Manicure and Pedicure

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I wanted a simple manicure after all the fancy stuff I’ve done lately.

On a Celestial Trip Manicure from Pick Me!

For a base, I found this Wet ‘n Wild Megalast polish called On a Trip (213C) and I have been VERY happy with it.

On a Trip Manicure from Pick Me!

I am SO impressed with this polish. It was only three bucks, had a nice, large brush inside and the coverage is wonderful. This polish is as good as the Sally Hansen Salon polish. In fact, I liked it as much as OPI polish and has lasted just as long.

On a Trip Manicure from Pick Me!

Even though the polish looks great all by itself, I wanted a little pizzaz, so I put on one coat of the Jordana Glitters polish in Celestial (12).

On a Celestial Trip Manicure from Pick Me!

I expected this polish to be pretty subpar because it cost less than a dollar at Kmart, but I am so happy with it, I’m going back to buy the other Glitters polishes. I love the different sizes of the glitter. It makes it look VERY textured.

Here is the matching pedicure.

On a Celestial Trip Pedicure from Pick Me!

This manicure has lasted me a full week with very little chipping. I’m beginning to believe that I can make ANY manicure last two weeks as long as I have two coats of the OPI top coat.

I also bought the Wet ‘n Wild Megalast I Need A Refresh-Mint (218A). I can’t wait to use it on my next manicure!


Rusted Bronze Manicure and Pedicure

Filed under: I Love Makeup!,Manicures and Pedicures — Laura Moncur @ 10:09 am

My manicure this week is pretty simple. It’s called Rusted Bronze.

Rusted Bronze Manicure from Pick Me!

I did a base coat of Bronze by Love & Beauty at Forever 21.

Rusted Bronze Manicure from Pick Me!

Over the top of that, I put one coat of Rust by Love & Beauty.

Rusted Bronze Manicure from Pick Me!

Here’s the matching pedicure.

Rusted Bronze Pedicure from Pick Me!

Despite two coats of OPI Top Coat, I had chipping on the manicure within a couple of days, so I guess the OPI Top Coat isn’t quite the miracle worker I thought it was. The polish HAS last almost a week with touch ups, so that’s pretty good for a three dollar bottle.

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