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Wil Wheaton Sure Did Love His Big Eclipse Swatch

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Wil Wheaton posted some old teen heart throb photos of himself from back in the day. He prefaced it with the caveat:

There’s a whole lot of “didn’t have a fashion advisor” going on here.

This photo grabbed my attention. Here he is AGAIN with his Big Eclipse Swatch.

Wil Wheaton Loves His Big Eclipse from Pick Me

Now, you might think that we couldn’t possibly identify the exact watch he was wearing in that photo based on that picture, but I have TWO other promo shots of him with the Big Eclipse, so it’s a pretty safe bet that it’s the same watch.

If you’d like to enjoy all of the Swatchy Goodness Wil Wheaton had to offer, you can see the others here:

The fact that Wil Wheaton didn’t have a fashion advisor actually makes me quite happy. All of his teen photos are like a snapshot into the late 80s and early 90s. Todays heart throbs are so manufactured that it’s like they are mannequins instead of real people. I predict there will be a backlash because of this and all the teenaged girls are going to start swooning over unfinanced YouTube stars and teen bloggers in a desperate effort to fall for guys who are REAL instead of plastic.

Here’s to Wil Wheaton! One of the first unadvised teen heart throbs!


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