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Twitter Log: 03-26-07 11:26 am

Filed under: General — Laura Moncur @ 10:29 am

I wish there were an easier way to record these than the cut and pasting that I have been doing. I find that I care about keeping my logs, but there is no way to do it with less effort…

  • No spam in the Quotations Forum today! That’s a first in a couple of weeks! 8 minutes ago from web

  • @ Phil801, ThomAllen and libelvox: One cup of coffee would have given you all the same amount of “juice” with zero calories. 28 minutes ago from web in reply to Phil801

  • Writing blog entries. My work is so boring when I log it like this, but the experience of it is enjoyable. 36 minutes ago from txt

  • Reading blogs and watching vlogs. about 2 hours ago from txt

  • Reading Gordon’s brilliant blog post about military avatars: getluky.net about 2 hours ago from txt

  • Race Across USA just finished, YEAH! http://tinyurl.com/2e9suh about 13 hours ago from web

  • Playing Animal Crossing and wishing my headache would go away. about 19 hours ago from web

  • Took a walk to the post office. Stopped for a gas station hot dog on the way home. Beautiful weather and a lovely time! about 21 hours ago from web

  • Recording and editing a video for Starling Fitness. about 23 hours ago from web

  • Just finished filling my house with turnips. Joan only charged me 94 Bells a turnip! Yeah! Updating my Animal Crossing spreadsheet now. about 24 hours ago from web

  • Just got another Starling Fitness DVD order. Wonder if I should take it to the post office or just wait for the mail tomorrow. 09:12 AM March 25, 2007 from web


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  1. Laura, I don’t know if you’ll like the formatting of my twitter log vs. your cut and paste, but it’s automated – http://www.phil801.com/wpblog/2007/03/26/twitter-updates-for-2007-03-26/

    It’s done with a cool wordpress plugin from Alex King, it’s totally easy to setup. You can download it right here: http://alexking.org/projects/wordpress/plugins/twitter-tools.zip

    It even lets you twitter from your blog admin – I’m assuming that you’re using a wordpress blog but I can’t reallys tell.

    Also, based on your recent woes, you might check out this plugin: http://www.skippy.net/blog/category/wordpress/plugins/wp-db-backup/ which will automate backing up your blogs.

    Comment by Phil801 — 3/27/2007 @ 7:09 am

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