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Wil Wheaton’s Halloween in 1977

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Your lack of candy disturbs me . . . from FlickrI love to see Halloween costumes from when I was a kid. Wil Wheaton shared his Darth Vader costume from 1977 and his memories of it:

These costumes always seemed one dimensional to me. They look good from ONE viewpoint, but add a couple more dimensions to the mix and they just look dumb. Plus, Darth Vader would NEVER wear a costume with Darth Vader on the front. Geez, Mom!

I never got to wear a Halloween costume like that. I really didn’t get to celebrate Halloween until I was an adult and they just don’t make those kind of costumes for adults. Now that I think of it, they really SHOULD. I bet they would be a hit for one year while all the grown-ups reminisce about how it was when they were kids.

I can’t really reminisce about that, though, so I just have to imagine that they were uncomfortable and a pale comparison to REALLY dressing up like Darth Vader.



  1. We were poor when I was a kid, and, true story, one year I was Cinderella BEFORE she met the fairy godmother! :D I had soot on my face. I just think that is so funny. I actually loved my costume but some of the kids made fun of it.

    Comment by B. — 10/9/2007 @ 1:37 pm

  2. I love the Cinderella costume idea. In fact, my friend’s daughter who is 5 is being that this year. She calls it her Cinderella before the slippers costume. :-) I think it’s creative.

    Comment by melissa — 10/27/2007 @ 6:05 am

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