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The Fourth of July Fesitivites

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Stacey, Dan, Mike and I went to the Sugarhouse Art Festival on Independence Day. It was better this year than the last few years. I bought myself a new little purse. I tend to change purses about every month or so. Luckily, I don’t spend more than $10 to $20 on a purse. This one was eight bucks, so I’m not feeling guilty at all. It has lots of pockets for my gadgets and toys.

On the walk back from the festival, we were drenched in rain. I worried that the rain would ruin the holiday, but the hosts at the BBQ weren’t scared of a little precipitation. They put up tents and tarps and we sat outside and ate brats and burgers. I should of known that a little rain wouldn’t change their party. They used to work at REI, afterall.

I met more neighbors yesterday than I have in the three years we have lived here. When she suggested a July Fourth Block Party a couple of months ago, I had no idea how well it would work out. Somehow, I thought for a block party to work, we would need to block off the road. Instead, we were all crammed into their back yard, huddled under tarps to avoid the rain. I think I found an enterprising young man to mow my lawn. I met the humans who own the dog, Oscar, in our neighborhood. I even met the new neighbor who bought Madison’s house.

It was all quite social and I’m glad to be hiding, pajama-clad, in my house today.


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  1. I enjoyed this post- especially the part about hiding “pajama clad.” that sounds just lovely.

    Comment by Braidwood — 7/8/2006 @ 10:09 pm

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